Hi everyone! The Club Penguin News Team has returned with the newest edition of the Better Igloos and Furniture catalogues! Keep reading to find out more about all of the household items that these catalogues have to offer, as well as secrets hidden within them!

Furniture Catalog 

Page 1

There are 3 hidden items on this page.

Click on the top flower on the Floral Paper Screen to get the Ninja Cauldron [150 coins].

Click on the left rock in the Rock Garden to get the Sword Display [300 coins].

Click on the right pole of the Red Bridge Railing to get the Sushi Table [250 coins].

Page 2

There are 4 hidden items on this page.

Click on the lowest branch of the Bonzai Tree to get the Penguin Mask [400 coins].

Click on the noodle bowl pictured on the Noodle Stand to get the Blue Tea Set [75 coins].

Click on the top of the Bamboo Stalks to get the Bulrushes [340 coins].

Click on the top lily pad in the Watering Hole to get the Blue Floor Cushion [50 coins].

Page 3

There are 3 hidden items on this page.

Click the top of the Orange Paper Lantern to get the Lanterns [150 coins].

Click the bottom right part of the Window to get the Lamp [125 coins].

Click the bottom front leg of the Party Platter to get the Plush Gray Chair [560 coins].

Page 4

There are 4 hidden items on this page.

Click the left leg of the Inflatable Chair to get the Green Oval Rug [550 coins].

Click the bottom left of the Big Screen TV to get the Dart Board [200 coins].

Click the bottom button on the Speaker to get the Turtle Bowl [250 coins].

Click the top green square on the Puzzle Floor to get the Fern [200 coins].

Page 5

There are 3 hidden items on this page.

Click on the top of the Clothes Rack to get the Wall Clock [450 coins].

Click the left pole on the Violet Velvet Rope to get the Open-Closed Sign [150 coins].

Click on the Security Camera lens to get the Cash Register [200 coins].

Page 6

There are 4 hidden items on this page.

Click on the left flower in the Sunset Flowers to get the Terracotta Vase [300 coins].

Click on the far left post on the Picket Fence to get the Vines [200 coins].

Click on the Sp- in “Springtime” to get the Terracotta Pot [300 coins].

Lastly, click on the right handle on the Wheelbarrow to get the Terracotta Pitcher [300 coins].

Better Igloos

There is 1 new igloo location up for grabs!

Page 10

There is 1 hidden item on this page.

Click on the arrow on top of the Deluxe Blue Igloo to get the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo [5000 coins].

Be sure to check out the March 2023 Better Igloos and Furniture Catalogues here!

And that will be the end of this guide! Thank you to everyone who made it to the end – we hope it was helpful to you! Enjoy your new igloo furniture items and/or locations and we’ll see you in the next one! To stay up to date with all things Club Penguin Legacy, be sure to join our Discord Server! <3

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