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The fashion season has hit the island with this brand new May Penguin Style Catalog on CPLegacy. The Club Penguin News Team will help you navigate through the glitz and glamor of the runway as we dress to impress!

-Page 2-

There are 4 secrets on this page.

1. Click on the white bow tie to buy the Pink Tuxedo for 800 coins.

2. Click on the right hand of the light blue penguin to buy the Pink Top Hat for 350 coins.

3. Click on the left hand of the navy blue penguin to buy the Purple Trapeze Artist for 500 coins.

4. Click on the edge of the red velvet rope to buy the Purple Cosmic Dress for 400 coins.

-Page 3-

There are 4 secrets hidden on this page.

5. Click on the red flower to buy the Red Tux Redux for 550 coins.

6. Click on the flashing light to buy the Tux Redux for 550 coins.

7. Click pink bow on the black dress to buy the Blue Party Dress for 700 coins.

8. Click on pink bow on the shoe to buy the Sunset Dress Shoes for 420 coins.

-Page 4-

There are 5 hidden secrets on this page.

9. Click on the blue sequins to buy the Lavender Gown for 800 coins.

10. Click on right pink hand to buy The Beekeeper for 750 coins.

11. Click on the Microphone to buy it for 250 coins.

12. Click on the black bow tie to buy the Dazzling Green Tuxedo for 850 coins.

13. Click on the neck of the chocolate fountain in the background to buy the Dazzling Green Top Hat for 475 coins.

-Page 9-

You can buy the new Item of the Month: the Mullet Gown for 2500 coins.

You can also buy the new Penguins at Work outfit: the Coffee Apron for 100 coins.

Don’t forget to check out the CPJ May 2024 Penguin Style guide right here!

And that is all for now folks! Hope this guide was helpful in embracing your passion for fashion! If you’d like to keep in touch with all things penguin related in both CPL and CPJ, consider joining our Discord server!

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