Hey, Rebels! The Club Penguin News Team is back again with yet another party guide! With Club Penguin Legacy’s new party Mission: Get Jet comes new daily missions! This guide is going to walk you through Day 1, Mission 1. We hope you enjoy this guide!

Disclaimer: To complete these missions you need to be a PSA Agent. Click here for a tutorial on how to become one.

Mission 1

First things first, click the folder in the top right corner in any room to grab the free Rappelling Gear item for day 1 of the party! This also gives you information on today’s mission!

Head to the Ski Village and click on the arch to speak with Rookie to begin the forest maze.

When speaking to Rookie, select the “I’m supposed to meet the Puffle Handler” option to activate the cutscene.

Before starting the maze, you can grab a free Expedition Hat, as well as purchase additional gear from the paper in the bottom right corner!

Click the Brown Leather Watch for the Thermos.

From here, head down the path to the right.

Now, navigate your way through the forest maze.

PH assures you that you can take a break, but you need to create a campfire. Select all the circled items in the order below to create one!

Click on the campfire to activate the cutscene and collect the Bonfire Clearing Background.

Congratulations, you have completed Mission 1!

Thank you all so much for sticking around with us, and we hope you’re enjoying this party! Be sure to check back for more party guides on Mission: Get Jet soon!

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