Summer Kickoff

Hi there, Rebels! The Club Penguin News team is coming at you with all the secrets and tips for Club Penguin Legacy’s latest party to kick off the summer season! This guide will help you navigate across the whirlpools of quests and cheats on how to complete them from June 30th to July 4th. Put on your rubber duckies and your swimming suits folks, it’s time to dive in!

New Stamps

Happy Room – Make 10 penguins smile in a room.

Snack Shack – Serve snacks from a booth (Beach, Plaza or even Stadium), using any food emote while wearing an apron (people have to be in the room for it to work).


This party has a total of 12 unique island quests that can help you earn up to 2 stamps that are available during the party. Completing them will give you coins, and unlock progress towards your party pass.

Spray 10 Penguins with the Hose: Click on the hose on the bottom right corner of the screen and hold it to splash on penguins in the room.

Go Down the Water Slide: Go to the Ski Hill and slide down the water slide.

Use the Slip and Slide in the Forest: Go to Forest and run from start to finish on the slippery slide.

Join 10 Penguins in a Room in Hula Dance with Lei: Press D to dance with 10 other penguins in a room while wearing a lei.

Find the Pin: Go to Docks and click on the surfboard pin.

Find the Mega Whale: Go to Iceberg and follow the arrow on the left to the mega whale room.

Form 20 Rubber Ducks at Cove: Go to Cove, equip a rubber duck, and press D to dance with 20 other penguins.

Join 40 Penguins at the Splash Club: Go to the Dance Club and be with 40 other penguins in the room.

Serve Food at Every Food Stall: Wear the ice cream apron, and go to the Plaza and Beach to complete this task.

Spot the Crab: Go to the underground pool and wait to meet the crab. (It will show up at the top of every hour, so you will have to be patient.)

Meet Klutzy: Be in the same room as Klutzy when he visits the island.

Meet Rory: Be in the same room as Rory when visits the island.


Complete all the quests to earn the Deep Sea Diving Suit!

Free Items

Moving on the free items available during this party!

Starting off, there are a series of time-limited items that can be collected during the entirety of the event by clicking on the beach ball icon. Make sure to log in each day to pick them up!

If you go to the Beach, you can collect a magnificent Shell Necklace!

At the Plaza, you can pick up an Ice Cream Apron!

At the Coffee Shop, you can take a funny Umbrella Hat!

And lastly, don’t forget to grab the free Life Ring and Inflatable Duck at the Cove!

And that’s all we have for the Summer Kickoff party guide! Hope this guide was helpful and helped you cool down from the overwhelming heat of the Island Quests. Be sure to follow us on our Discord server for live tracking of Klutzy and Rory’s visits to the island! Have a great summer folks and stay fresh!!!

-Master DS | Lieutenant General

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