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What’s up, Rebels!

It’s the holiday season and thus, time for another clothing catalog! Get all of your holiday apparel at the gift shop and use this guide to find the secret, bonus items hidden in the catalog’s pages. Below you will find the secret items for the December 2019 Penguin Style Catalog.

Page 1

The first page of holiday wear has 5 secrets!

Click the button on the Striking Red Jacket (1) to find the Gingerbread Costume.

Click on the snowball flying through the air (2) to find the full Nutcracker Costume.

Click on the Icy Reindeer Costume (3) to find the Chullo Hat.

Click on the snowball in the penguin’s hand (4) to find the Red Elf Hat.

Click on the indent on the penguin foot (5) to find the Red Elf Shoes.

Page 2

There are 4 secrets on page 2!

Click on the tree ornament (1) to find the Victorian Jacket.

Click on the pom pom on the second penguin’s hat (2) to find the Victorian Dress.

Click on the gift’s bow (3) to find the Top Hat.

Click on the bell on third penguin’s shoes (4) to find the Bonnet.

Page 3

The final holiday filled page has 4 secrets!

Click on the first penguin’s flipper (1) to find the Silly Snowman Sweater.

Click on the button of the Cozy Winter Coat (2) to find the Tweed Coat.

Click on the nose of the Snowman Head (3) to find the Brown Shoes.

Click on the button on the Snowman Body (4) to find the Tweed Hat.

Page 4

The first winter wear filled page has 4 secrets.

Click on the snowman’s carrot nose (1) to find the Pilot’s Jacket.

Click the yellow puffle’s eyes (2) to find the Pink Duffle Coat.

Click the falling snowflake (3) to find the flannel shirt.

Click the button on the Pink Winter Peacoat (4) to find the Earflap Cap.

Page 5

Page 2 contains 3 secrets!

Click on the second snow covered treetop (1) to find the Big White Scarf.

Click on the fourth snow covered treetop (2) to find the Winter Boots.

Click the second mountain top (3) for the Red Suede Jacket.

Page 6

The final new page has 2 secrets.

Click the second snow covered treetop treetop (1) to find the Orange Vest.

Click the yellow polka dot on the umbrella (2) to get the Pink Pom Pom Toque.

Page 7

Here are the first 3 Halloween secrets!

Click the button on the Sparkly Amber Shoes (1) to reveal the Mask.

Click the left eye of the Trick-Or-Treat Basket (2) to find the Skeleton Costume.

Click on the snowflake on the Blizzard Wizard Robe (3) to find the Magicians Cape.

Page 8

There are a total of 4 secrets to be found on page 5!

Click on the eye of the penguin in Creepy Doll Makeup (1) to find the Ladybug Antennae.

Next, click near the nose of the Mummy Costume (2) for the Ladybug Suit.

Click near the feather hanging off the Cursed Hat (3) to find the new location for the Viking Helmet!

Finally, click the highlighted location on the Ghost Pirate Costume (4) for the Ladybug Shoes.

Page 9

On our last Halloween themed page, there are 5 secrets!

If you click on the bolt on The Lady Frankenpenguin (1), you’ll find the Roman Helmet.

Click on the bolt on the Frankenpenguin Hat (2) to find the Vampire Fangs.

Click on the belt of the Frankenpenguin Costume (3) to find the return of the normal colored Clown Pookie Wig!

Click on the ear of the Creepy Count’s Costume (4) to find the matching Clown Pookie Suit!

Click on the puffle in the middle of the Creepy Count’s Costume bow tie (5) to reveal the last piece to this outfit, the Clown Pookie Shoes!

Page 10

The seventh page contains 4 secrets!

Click on the shoe of the Clown Pookie outfit (1) to obtain the Horse Costume.

Click on the headlight of the Blue Wheeler (2) to get the Horse Hooves.

Click on the feather in the Forget Me Knot turban (3) to find the I Heart Pizza T-Shirt!

Lastly, click the mountain (4) in the background to get the Ring Master’s costume.

Page 11

On page 8, there are 4 different secrets.

Press the snow covered tree (1) to find the Designer Glasses.

Click the pocket on the Letterman Jacket (2) to reveal the Red Backpack.

Click the penguin’s hand (3) to discover the Black Backpack!

Click the letter “B” (4) in Ball Cap to find the Graduation Cap!

Page 12

This page has 4 secrets!

The first secret can be found on the button of the Magenta Sunset Hoodie (1) and is The Delight hairstyle!

If you click on the blue puffle image (2) on the Waddle On Hoodie, you’ll find the Bunch of Balloon.

Click on the white splotch (3) on the top of the Cotton Candy Cut-Offs and you will find the Sea Green Outfit.

Click the snow topped tip of the tree (4) behind the middle penguin to find The Right Stuff hair style.

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Those are all the secrets in the December Penguin Style! Stay tuned for the next one and Happy Holidays! Fight the Good Fight!

Emcee 🌙 ~ Head General


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