Club Penguin Rewritten Igloo Catalog Secrets – December 2018

Hello everyone!

Club Penguin Rewritten released their December 2018 igloo catalogue a while ago. With the catalogue comes many secret items that can be purchased. Read this post to find out where they are!

Let’s get started!

On the first page there are two secrets!

If you click on the holly berries you will be able to buy the Wood Stove

By clicking on the middle of the bow on the wreath you will be able to buy the Holiday Bells

On the second page of the catalogue there are are five secret items!

If you click on the star on the Christmas Tree you can buy the Wooden Reindeer

You can buy a Leaning Tree if you click the middle tree on the base of the Small Christmas Tree

The third secret item on this page is a candle which can be found by clicking the bow on the middle present

By clicking on the light from the lantern you can buy the Door Garland

You can find the last secret on this page by clicking on the top of the stocking, this will let you buy a HD TV

On the third page there are 4 secret items!

If you click on the mistletoe you can find the Gingerbread Couch

By clicking on the Snowman’s button you can obtain the Gingerbread Chair

Clicking on the Bird’s eye will show you the Snowflake item

Lastly, by clicking on the red bow you can buy a Nutcracker

On the fourth page there are 2 hidden items!

By clicking on the Ninja Gate you can buy the Training Dummy

And by clicking on the Bonsai Tree you are shown the Ninja Cauldron

On the fifth page there is one hidden item!

By clicking on the Bamboo leaf, you can buy the Wall Clock

On the sixth page there are two secret items!

By clicking on the right leg of the red coffee table, you can get the Shiny Red Fridge

Clicking on the wall of the second shelf of the red bookcase will show you The Fireplace

On the seventh page there are 3 hidden items!

Click on the “O” of Halloween to get the Cauldron

Click on the left eye of the perched puffle statue to get the Candelabra

Click on the right wing of the Spooky Penguin Statue to get the Iron Chandelier

On the eight page there are 3 hidden items!

Click on the pearl marked in the square on the Crystal Ball to get the Tombstone

Click the tear in the Torn Carpet to get the Haunted Mansion

Click the grill marked in red on the Iron Gate to get the HD TV

On the ninth page of the catalogue we have 3 hidden items!

Click on the suspender of the Dangly Spider to get the Sider Werb

Click on the stem of the Wall Pumpkin to get the Terrifying Tissue

Click on the right eye of the Wall Ghost to get the Moving Eye Painting

On the tenth page there are two secret items!

Click the menu on the Food Stand to get the Stainless Steel Stove

Click the trash in the Feed Fluffy Trashcan to get Comfy Crab

On the eleventh page there are two secret items!

Click the window of the Captain Cut Out to get the Feeding Bucket

Click the first star on the Water Trough to get the Plush Grey Chair

And lastly, the twelfth page of the igloo catalogue contains 2 secret items:

Click the potted plant on the Boss Desk to get the Computer Desk

Click the third locker in the Lockers to get the Classroom Chair

That’s it for December 2018 igloo catalogue, enjoy your special items!

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One Comment:

  1. You missed some on the december catalogue
    eg. 1. on the first page on the top of the last white bauble, you can get a giant candy cane
    2. On the first page with the baubles, where it says 50 coins each, the h on each leads to icicle lights
    3. on the red bean bag on the 6th page, the crease in the middle of the bottom part of the bean bag leads to a moose head

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