Season’s Greetings Rebels!

Holiday season is here, which means a new December catalog. Continue reading to find out more!

Page 1

There are 3 secrets on this page.

1: Click the star at the top pink tree of the Holiday Tree Bundle to find tinsel.

2. Click the green bow on the blue present to find a candycane bauble.

3. Click the lantern of the candy cane to find a blue bauble.

Page 2

There are 3 secrets on this page.

1. Click on the red bow on the Wooden Reindeer to find a silver bauble.

2. Click the top right corner of Santa’s Chair to find an Ice Holiday Tree.

3. Click the center icing of the Gingerbread Chair to find a giant candycane.

Page 3

There are 3 secrets on this page.

1. Click the bells on the Santa Hat Snowman to find a snowman.

2. Click the bottom button of the Orange Scarf Snowman to find presents.

3. Click the mistletoe on the Top Hat Snowman to find a holiday ribbon.

Page 4

No hidden items on this page, but there is a mystery box!

Be sure to unwrap this gift on Christmas [December 25th]!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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how do i work this thing

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