Penguin Style: March 2022

With the Card Jitsu party just around the corner, CPR has released a new catalog filled with new wigs, clothes that will bring out your inner ninja, and even some green-colored items to celebrate Saint Patrick’s. Keep reading to see where this month’s 30+ secrets are hidden!

– Hairstyles –

There are 8 hidden items on this page.

1. Click The ‘Fro’s eye for The Tuft (250 coins)

2. Click The Astral’s eye for The Chill (500 coins)

3. Click The Elegant’s eye for The Sidetied Too (350 coins)

4. Click The Flickstar’s eye for The Suprema Diva (650 coins)

5. Click The Glodi-Knot’s eye for The Scenester (250 coins)

6. Click The Graceful’s eye for The Flouncy (600 coins)

7. Click The High Puff’s eye for The Messiness (500 coins)

8. Click The Black Curls’ eye for The Spider Poof (250 coins)

– Page 1 –

There are 6 hidden items on this page.

9. Click the hot sauce ninja’s hand for the Sushi Combo (150 coins)

10. Click the left penguin’s eye for the Valley Robes (450 coins)

11. Click the knot on the Hot Sauce Gi for the Volcanic Robes (450 coins)

12. Click the orange penguin’s foot for the Sashimi Chef Uniform (400 coins)

13. Click the flower on the Water Lotus fan for the Snow Peak Robes (400 coins)

14. Click the purple penguin’s hand for the Yellow Sweat Band (100 coins)

– Page 2 –

There are 8 hidden items on this page.

15. Click the blue penguin’s left flipper for The Quicksilver (350 coins)

16. Click the knot on the Earthquake Coat for the Golden Sun Suit (500 coins)

17. Click the left penguin’s eye for the Clear Sky Suit (350 coins)

18. Click the blue penguin’s right flipper for the Tea Ceremony Robes (550 coins)

19. Click the small cherry blossom for the Bamboo Hat (200 coins)

20. Click the bigger cherry blossom for the Froggy Floaty (100 coins)

21. Click the red penguin’s left hand for The Cinder (250 coins)

22. Click the red penguin’s right flipper for the Ink Ceremony Robes (550 coins)

– Page 3 –

There are 4 hidden items on this page.

23. Click the sushi piece on the tray for the Snowstorm Gi (600 coins)

24. Click the sushi piece up in the air for the Stone Ninja Suit (300 coins)

25. Click the cherry blossom for the Cold Snap Sandals (250 coins)

26. Click the teacup for the Fire Blossom Fan (200 coins)

– Page 4 –

There are 7 hidden items on this page.

27. Click the shamrock on the hat for The Firey Flare (200 coins)

28. Click the Leprechaun’s Tuxedo’s top button for the Emerald Kilt (500 coins)

29. Click the penguin on the middle’s eye for the Black Sneakers (250 coins)

30. Click the middle penguin’s flipper for the Shamrock Dress (450 coins)

31. Click the cheerleader’s hand for the Shamrock Skirt (350 coins)

32. Click the right-most penguin’s eye for The Highlander (150 coins)

33. Click the right hair tie on the pigtails hairstyle for The Curly Lochs (150 coins)

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… and that’s a wrap on the March 2022 Penguin Style catalog. Now you’re ready for the Card Jitsu party! Do you think Sensei will visit? Join our Discord server here for more guides and a mascot tracker so you don’t miss him!

– princhi, Third in Command

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