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What’s up, Rebels!

This post will detail all the items hidden within the Penguin Style Catalog for the September 2019 edition!

Page 1

The first page contains 4 secrets!

Click on the shoe of the Pookie outfit (1) to obtain the Horse Costume.

Click on the headlight of the Blue Wheeler (2) to get the Horse Hooves.

Click on the feather in the Forget Me Knot turban (3) to find the I Heart Pizza T-Shirt!

Lastly, click the mountain (4) in the background to get the Ring Master’s costume.

Page 2

On page 2, there are 6 different secrets.

Press the snow covered tree (1) to find the Designer Glasses.

Click the pocket on the Letterman Jacket (2) to reveal the Red Backpack.

Click the penguin’s hand (3) to discover the Black Backpack!

Click the letter “B” in Ball Cap to find the Graduation Cap!

Click the “0” in 350 (4) to find the Viking Helmet.

If you click the “0” then close out of the Viking Helmet four times, without leaving the page, you will also find the Blue Viking Helmet!

Page 3

This page has 4 secrets!

The first secret can be found on the button of the Magenta Sunset Hoodie (1) and is The Delight hairstyle!

If you click on the blue puffle image on the Waddle On Hoodie (2), you’ll find the Bunch of Balloon.

Click on the white splotch on the top of the Cotton Candy Cut-Offs (3) and you will find the Sea Green Outfit.

Click the snow topped tip of the tree behind the middle penguin (4) to find The Right Stuff hair style.

Page 4

There are 4 secret items on page 4:

Click the drawstring on the Blue Shorts (1) to find the Cool Hawaiian Shirt!

Click on the second “0” in the “300” on the Swimsuits page (2) to find the Emerald Aviators.

Click on the right two lines on the Orange Shorts (3)  to find the Tropical Hawaiian Shirt.

Finally click on the V neck of the Sport Bikini (4) to unlock the Green Sandals!

Page 5

On this page, there are 4 secret items:

Clicking on the Surf Necklace (1) will reveal the Cream Sandals.

If you click the flower on the Red Hawaiian Outfit (2), you will get the Green Snorkel!

If you click the star on the Purple Star Swimsuit (3), you will receive the Green Flippers.

Finally, if you click the four dots (4) on the snow you will receive The Chilled.

Page 6

The last 3 secrets that were newly added to this catalog are on page 6!

First, click on the yellow patch on the skirt of the Yellow Summer Outfit (1) to unlock The Messiness, The Blue Tinted Sunglasses, and The Glacier Suit!

Next, click the patch on the shorts of the Summer Threads (2) to get the Blue Duck!

If you click on the white patch circled on the Summer Threads (3) outfit you will unlock The Waves!

Page 7

Page 7 contains 4 hidden items:

Click the buckle on the Royal Blue Robe (1) to get the King’s Crown:

Near the bottom of the sleeve on the Sapphire Duchess Dress (2), you can find the Royal Robe:

Next, click the shoulder button on the Dukes Outfit (3) to get the Red Doublet:

And lastly for this page, click part of the throne (4) to find a shiny Royal Scepter:

Page 8

On page 8, there are 2 secret items:

An item is hidden in the belt buckle of the Knight’s Costume (1). Click to find the Plated Shoes:

And lastly, if you click the “D” in “Shields” (2) you can find the epic Dragon Costume:

Page 9

There are 4 hidden items here:

Click the pink penguin’s eye (1) to find a cool new hat, The Regal:

Click the ties on the sleeves of the Gold Princess Dress (2) to get the Regal Damsel Dress to match:

If you click the Squire’s hand (3), you can find the Court Jester Outfit:

And finally, click one of the links on the Gold Chain (4) to find the Court Jester Hat:

Page 10

On page 10, there are 3 hidden items:

Click the Compass (1) to find a Swashbuckler’s Hat.

Click the gold button on the Castaway’s Clothing (2) to get this fancy Swashbuckler’s Coat.

You can find a Telescope (3) by clicking the buckle on the First Mate’s Hat.

Page 11

On page 11, there are 7 secret items!

Clicking on The Shipshape (1) will reveal 4 items for the Tan Cowboy Outift.

Click the top of the third candle (2) to find a Commander’s Outfit.

If you click the bottom bow on the Seafarer’s Gown (3), you can find a Commander’s Hat.

Click the corset on the Raggedy Rags (4) to find the Commander’s Boots.

Page 12

On page 12, there are 5 secrets:

Click the pearl hair brooch on the Razzmatazz to find the Black Cowboy Hat.

Click the bubble in the middle (2) to find a Black Cowboy Shirt.

Click the pearl on The Blue Lagoon (3) to find the Cowgirl Hat.

Find the shell on the Mermaid Costume (4) to find a Pink Cowgirl Shirt.

Click the teal scale on the Tropical Mermaid Costume (5) to find Black Cowboy Boots.

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That’s all for this catalog! Keep a look out for our next guide!

Emcee 🌙 – Lieutenant General


Is perpetual twilight really all that bad?

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