The Club Penguin Rewritten Water Party this year has come out! Read more for info.

Some rooms have new super-soaked looks, there’s one special new room, and a few new items to find!

New Rooms

The Docks

The Docks’ new look!

Whale Room

How to access the new secret Whale Room through Berg.

Whale Room

The new secret Whale Room!

Free Items

There are a couple new items to be collected!

At the Beach, you can find a Shell Necklace:

In the Plaza, you can find an Ice Cream Apron:

You can also pick up a Green Duck at the Cove!

There’s a Blue Lei at the Dock!

And lastly, there’s a free Umbrella Hat in the Coffee Shop!

Thanks to Rocket for helping out, and you for reading!

Enjoy the party!

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