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Hey there RF!

 Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


A great man once said that i am hot. That great man was me, I am very hot and great.


  1. Silverburg
    Because I am on dat griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind

  2. Darth-Theo #6223
    9.5/10 Activity Level (I missed one event due to sleeping in)
    I am very active, I make it to all events unless it’s impossible too, and I am very determined to fight for RF.

  3. Kellis
    chief warrant officer
    I honestly could have been more active this week and I should be more active. because I love you guys and im glad I joined the RF.

  4. Sort
    Because I’m active, and I’ve been in an army like this before, and I think this is the greatest army on CPR.

  5. veagan
    its been like 7 comment for promos since i last got a promo and i have been doing my job in rf

  6. Dooni
    I think I deserve a promotion because I am very dedicated to the RF because of all the friends I’ve made.

  7. 1. LufferGooferYT
    3. 7
    4. Because I wanna be able to get in touch with everyone and help recruit people

  8. 1. LufferGooferYT
    3. 7
    4. Because I wanna be able to get in touch with everyone and help recruit people

  9. WindowSyll
    10 (so far – tbf I joined only 48 hours ago)

    I believe I deserve a promotion because I show potential & have been actively trying to recruit since I joined. I’ve brought around 5 people in within my first day of being in the RF and will continue to bring in more whenever I can. There have only been 2 events so far that I could go to, 1 US & 1 AUSIA, but I have gone to both 30min early despite having to stay up all night for the AUSIA one lol. I’ve shown (as much as I can in 2 days) that I will be an active & dedicated member. ✋🏻 FTGF

  10. KingDuke
    Lance Corporal
    I am very active and tdy to make as many events as possible. Also I attended the unscheduled event. FTGF.

  11. @Mr. Ribcage#8101
    Chief Warrant Officer
    Still not as active as I would want to be, but I’m getting there. I’ve been talking a lot on the #main-chat, and although I haven’t been to many events lately, I do have my excuses. It’s sorta sad that that’s what it’s come to. Excuses. ;(
    Anyways… I’ve been working on a huge project at school before my finals, and I’ve been spending a lot of time on the RFSF puzzle. I will be back soon.

  12. BScharbach2
    Recruited about 5 people this week and have been active

  13. Bloom
    Attended some of this weeks events and been active on chat.

  14. JakeTheBird
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I’ve been very active this week sending more than 3k messages and attending 3/4 AUSIA events (the only ones I can because of my parents’ security measurements). I’ve also helped some new recruits and answered all their questions. So I believe I deserve a promotion.

  15. Koloway
    Sergeant First Class
    Spent time recruiting, attended 4 events excluding Town of Salem which is locked behind a paywall. Constantly fighting the good fight.

  16. i’m weird. i’m a weirdo./the power of christ compels you
    idk prob 9/10
    I have been very active and I have tried to participate in every event I can. I also try to recruit a lot on cpr and uhhhh idk what else

  17. E Pengo / Ben#2882
    I have been pretty active lately and have attended every event of the past week. I recruit at least 2 hours a day and put my best effort into making newcomers feel welcome.

  18. Sirplus1881#2355
    chief warrant officer
    This week I’ve decided to become more active. I’ve talked in chat a lot more and even attended 2 events. I also have learned how to take screenshots so now i’m helping take pictures at events

  19. Toonie (Scarab51
    Private First Class
    I have been to events when it was possible for me to, both from EU and US, and participated in the unscheduled event. I’ve been somewhat active in chat. There’s definitely room for improvement, but I did what I could this week.

  20. brownboy102
    Technical Sergeant
    I show up to events, am active in chat, usually stay around/come on later to recruit

  21. Mindy4IsBack
    Lieutenant Colonel
    6 or 7/10 i’m not sure

  22. coolguy1608
    first lit
    i attend all eu events, im active.

  23. Frenchip
    It seems a bit pretentious of me to ask for a promotion as I just arrived but our community lets us talks whomever we may be. I think I deserve a promotion as participate in every event, sleeping very few to accompany the new friends I met here, knowing I have classes and exams to attend the following day. Whenever I log in to the discord I make sure to salute me fellow rebels as respect is more than important for a community to sustain a peaceful and enjoyable environment. Finally, being promoted would mean to be given a bit more responsibilities, responsibilities than could be seen in an improvement of my current recruiting. Thanks to you all!

  24. Corey#3252
    Warrant Officer
    I have been working very hard on the RFSF puzzle this week and made a lot of progress, I believe I must be near the end.

  25. Tasos2017
    1st Lt.
    I think i deserve a promo because i am super active lately. I have been attending every event possible, try to recruit as many as possible and im active in chat too.

  26. Tessa
    First lieutenant
    I’ve worked a lot on the RFSF thingy and been active

  27. Roogy
    I’ve been in the RF before and i love it, ive also been very active since i rejoined and been trying to help out anyone i can!

  28. BobTheBleach
    Im new to Rebel Federation, and love the place, so for expression for me loving this place i have been working hard by trying and recruiting people, attending events if possible (did only 1 due to that i came recently) and have reading chat and also chat out and post some of new memes, thats why i think i deserve a promotion.
    Fight The Good Fight!!!

  29. Hi I’m Noob and I’m a First Sergeant
    My activity level has decreased because of school and such so it’s around 5/10
    I think I deserve a promotion because um I didn’t break any rules these days but never attended a second event so I’m really sorry for that

  30. Scrumph
    im super new to rf and my first event was today! i was kind of nervous to join at first because i thought that the people were kind of intimidating but now i know just how wonderful the community is! i can really see myself sticking with this for a long time it’s just so fun

  31. Reyder
    Did ok this week, really hoping for that promotion to privet leedur.

  32. IamAPotato #0740(P595033)

    heii I’m active (in ausia) 🙂 🙁 :/
    hellow everyone ftgf

  33. Vishal72002
    Second Lieutenant
    Attended all events (based on my timezone, tho). Hyped that ToS event n stuff.

  34. Jay0005insect (Wilson_Ninja_Warrior)
    I attended events, tried recruiting on CPR

  35. BolinCPR
    I attend most of the events as I could, even though my timezone is different than everyone else, have been busy at school, but I tried my very best. I tried my best to be active and saying Hi to all my RF fellows. Can’t wait for other future events and activities. FTGF I’m so happy I rejoined RF after my struggles in life!

  36. FizzyPop
    Warrant Officer
    I couldn’t attend most CPR events because they’ve become a bit of a “lag city” to me. I also couldn’t attned TOS (Town of Salem) because of personal issues. I’ll try my best and be better next week.

  37. Raneaosama
    I believe I deserve a promotion because although I have a tight schedule, I am now starting to try and dedicate myself again to RF by attending events and doing as much as I can as the moderator I am now. I am also in chat trying to hype events, help new people get settled into RF, and just having fun and getting to know everyone again.
    Fight the good fight!

  38. Alexan Jr
    First Lieutenant
    7/10 (excluding the first part of the week)
    I believe that I deserve a promotion because in this past week, I have really stepped up my game with recruiting, event attendance (when I have access to a computer) and talking in mainchat. After getting my account taken from my parents, I made a new one and have been active ever since. It’s great being super active again, and I’m making so many more friends in RF than I ever had in the past. FTGF.

  39. MDj113
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I have been recruiting more than I have ever been and been really active in chat. I have a bit of a busy schedule but I have attended as many events as I was able to. FTGF

  40. Cpr1234
    I’m still active on the chat, probably three to four times a day. I have attended some events, done some tactics, so I think I deserve a promotion today

  41. evvvvvva
    just joined recently but i’ve tried to be pretty active, just missed one event because I fell asleep. rf is so much fun and I’m so happy I joinedddd

  42. Discord – [RF] Chidda
    Rank – Private (Rejoined)
    Activeness – 8.5/10
    Why? – I believe I am strongly dedicated to RF and have a positive attitude towards a lot of things, very active on discord, easy to talk to, attended events in the past (A while ago)

  43. HelloGoodSir
    I thunk I deserve a promo because Ive been active lately and Ive been attending events.

  44. Name: Janina2
    Rank: Private
    Activity: 7/10
    Why do I deserve: I joined RF about 2 days ago (thanks to Silverburg), which means that i’m pretty new. But in this short amount of time.. I can already feel how much I love this already. Everything about it. The events, the community, the motivation and the kindness as well. No one is being rude to anyone, everyone is welcoming everyone no matter what. That’s exactly what im looking for and I feel like I would fit in here good. Me as a person, i’m very happy and positive. I love hanging out with friends, gathering them all together and having a nice party, or I plan an event and I will invite everyone. This is kinda what i’ve been looking for. The fact that it’s on CPR too is just amazing. I love cpr and the staff team, and all my friends there.

    Also want to mention that im a picture taker. I enjoy taking pictures of everything going on and sharing them with you guys. I’m already amining for an officer!
    I’m glad I joined even if i’m late. It’s never too late <3

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