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Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The amount of events you attended this week (from Sunday, February 24th)


  1. Chris JC / Chrisj112#9978
    Rookie II

  2. lord chill
    prtome pls

  3. Chris JC
    Rookie II
    2 Attended I think

  4. cheesesteaks
    rookie I
    i attended one

  5. Trants
    Rookie I
    4 (6 because i’m gonna attend AUSIA and EU tomorrow)

  6. Alfie
    Rookie I
    No idea XDD I don’t think any atm… I am attending the ones over the weekend as I have had to go to school.

  7. BobTheBleach
    Elite Member II
    Am pretty sure its 4 events

  8. readyfreddie

  9. scolby
    rookie 1
    only 2 sadly (hopefully 3 with tomorrow)

  10. Coolguy1608
    Member III/Mediator
    All EU events

  11. Joseph
    Rookie III
    I’m sure I attended 3 events. I’m going to attend another one tomorrow so then it will be 4.

  12. readyfreddie
    Rookie I
    1 event

  13. Mindy4IsBack
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Elite Member I
    5 or 6 or 7 not sure

  14. Alfie
    Rookie I
    No idea XDD I don’t think any atm… I am attending the ones over the weekend as I have had to go to school.

  15. Ariel [Alienhunter]

    Ariel (NotTheMermaid#0128)
    I’m member I on the website and Member II on discord and I still don’t know which I am supposed to be
    I attended 5 between Sunday and the branch battle today

  16. I don’t think I did this last week where I attended 6

  17. Squidonyx
    Rookie I
    I attended 5 events this week

  18. elexonck
    Elite member i
    I think at least 3, maybe more but i could be confusing with last week

  19. Agent 73
    Rookie l
    Idk I think 2-3 something like that

  20. Gamezgirl 13
    Member II
    Attended 6 from Sunday to today (Saturday) will attend both events tomorrow as well

  21. Pedroxz15
    Rookie III
    I attended 4 events this week

  22. BScharbach2
    like 5 events idk and 7 recruits this week

  23. Wolvesarecool
    Rookie III
    I think 7/8 events idk

  24. brownboy102
    member iii/captain/officer

  25. CosmicCryptic
    Rookie ||
    I think I deserve a promo because I try hard to support the Rebel Federation very much. I attend events, spread the word and talk in chat lots!

  26. Pemmin/Overview
    Member I
    4-7 or more ?

  27. Tunise/ nekohrine
    Rookie II
    I attended 3 events this week

  28. RipplingSapphire
    Rookie III
    I attended 4 this week

  29. leo / leothelion255

  30. AFlyingSpider
    Member I
    Attended 4 events

  31. Chaos
    Elite Member I
    6 Events
    FTGF yall!

  32. JT
    Elite Member I
    5 events
    FTGF! I attended 5 ish events for the last three weeks!

  33. Sans
    Rookie I
    Attended 4 to 6

  34. Attended 2 Events
    Rookie 1

  35. Dragan-tron
    Member I
    Lol idk how many events i have attended. like 5

  36. Aymazarre
    Rookie II
    I attended 1 event

  37. Shanks
    Elite member I
    3 (including two sunday ausia events)

  38. miniapple
    rookie II
    i attended all the ausia and eu events so like 5?

  39. WDYFSD
    Newbie / Not ranked
    i attended: OPERATION: IGLOO RAIDS [EU/US] = 1 event

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