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Hello RF!

Is it Saturday already? Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


A great man once said that i am hot. That great man was me, I am very hot and great.


  1. shanks
    i wasnt active in events because of some problems irl but i was active in chat

  2. FizzyPop
    I think I deserve a promotion because I’m most of the time active.

  3. Kellis
    sergeant major
    for how buissie I normally am on a school week I was able to go to more events than I could have dreamed of and I am of course always on discord should you need to talk

  4. president ghost of the yeezys
    I am wants the new promoz yes yes

  5. JakeTheBird
    I was very active this week attending all of the events and being really active in chat making more than 1.3k messages for 2 days

  6. JakeTheBird
    I was very active this week attending all of the events and being really active in chat.

  7. Vishal72002#8225
    First Lieutenant
    Active during events, involved during hypes also try to get pics. Pretend to be true MLG Prankster to keep chat active (idk if I even achieve that but whatever 😛 ).

  8. cassie greatcomets

    First Lieutenant
    This week was certainly not my best in terms of activity levels, but I do I think I deserve a promotion because of the time I’m able to put towards RF. I’m as active in chat as I can possibly be. This week was a lot harder for me to be able to attend things, or even hype them up, but nonetheless I tried and I did end up attending a few of them. Like I said, I’m active in chat, I always try to hype events (even if I can’t go), and I try my best to help make RF as great of a place as it can be!
    FTGF! <3

  9. Leothelion255
    I think I deserve a promotion because I am active on discord and I always try to socialize with everyone and make people feel good. Also, Tomorrow is my Birthday 😀.

  10. Wolfy Daddy
    i think i deserve a promotion because i have been colonel for over 5 monthes now almost half a year and i would like a promotion. Thank You.

  11. Jetropulsion
    5 or 2

  12. Tessa
    Second Lieutenant
    I think i deserve a promotion because i’ve been active and attended events

  13. scroinman99

    I really want the promo to start my RPF journey and being private means there is no way to go but up

  14. Scroinman99
    I really want this promo as it woild be a kickstart to my RPF journey and being private means there is only one way to go and that is up

  15. Sergeant Major
    Let me tell you guys why i deserve to be promoted, first in school, i try to avoid getting busted while talking with you guys on discord at school, second, i even have to fake goodnight to my parents to talk with you guys at night and lastly, i have to stay awake from like 1 AM – 3AM just to talk with you guys even though it’s school day tomorrow.

    PS: I luv u guys <3

  16. Eisencharger
    Lieutenant Gen
    I have been very active this week by attending many events including us, eu and ausia and also being very active on the discord with 3k messages sent this week i am also very keen for our return to cpr and would love to rank up and become more and more involved with the army and make sure everyone has a fun time with the RF FTGF

  17. MDj113
    Brigadier General
    I attended as many of the events as I was able to and was active on chat for as much as I was able to.

  18. Mindy4IsHere
    Major General

  19. Alexan Jr
    I’ve recently just rejoined the ranks of RF and I’ve been attending events as much as I can 🙂 ftgf

  20. {RF}Slimmy Jimmy{RF}

  21. Cindy77
    Second Lieutenant
    6/7 (I think)
    Ive been attending all the US events and some EU. I couldn’t attend 1 US bc I was @ homecoming (which was awesome btw!!!!!!!)

  22. Get_a_life/\4 days

    Get_a_life/\4 days
    First lieutenant
    I have attended any event I possibly can since I have been busy with school.

  23. squideni
    Master Searget
    I’ve been to as many events as possible and have been as active as I can while this past Tuesday to Friday I have been very busy all day. I’ve been so active I even got troop of the week

  24. Warship506
    Master sergeant
    I rewlly would like to earn my green name again attended first event since the site went down

  25. veagan
    entered some events and destroyed at the custom game night, honestly not expecting a promo but one would be nice

  26. sebbiice
    i attend loads of events so i think i deserve a promo and also i am online allot. I love you rf

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