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Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RPF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The number of events you attended this week (From Monday, August 26th)
  4. Any other reasons you feel should be noted while considering your promotion (like recruiting)


  1. Chaos
    Uhhh quite a few idk
    I attended most SF events and failed miserably at recruiting
    fight the good fight

  2. ⚠️ max ⚠️

    ⚠️ max ⚠️
    a lot of chat activity and a lot of vc activity

  3. MaddieCW3
    3 events (4 including 8/25 branch battle)
    Recruited two people this week, active in chat, and I try to be helpful and positive! Also a full time employee and college student so pretty proud of my 3/4 events that I attended.

  4. hintoflimeee
    3 events
    have been active in chat and did my best to attend as many as i can! been moving this week so ive been a little less active that i wouldve liked to be but have talked to a lotta new recruits 🙂

  5. Had cereal this morning ftgf

  6. Trackling
    2 so far, 3 by tomorrow
    I’ve been livestreaming events to advertise the RPF and recruited my sister
    Fight the Good Fight

  7. NotManuGinobili
    8 events
    Always active in chat always friendly and Helped a recruit get the night vision goggles

  8. Unicorn Sniper
    3 or 4 events
    I have been active in chat and always help people when I can. Also Recruited 1 person.

  9. cassie
    attended 3 normal events, 5 strike force events
    i recruited 6 people this week and was very active in chat (over 2k messages if i remember correctly) and i did that while balancing work and summer work. i’ve been making new friends and vcing a lot too so that’s pretty fun. definitely gonna do more next week, or at least try to since i work/have school every day

  10. Electric Yammie
    Strike Force events- 6, Regular- 6.
    Got some recruiting time and a recruit, active in chat, attended 12 events in total. FTGT

  11. Nuggy
    I forgot to keep count of the exact number, but i do know that i attended all eu/us events this week, aside from two that i missed!
    I try to make it to as many events as i can!
    Although i don’t speak much in chat, i am finally going to start putting my name down on these.
    Which, to myself that is, i could count as an accomplishment.
    Anywho, fight the good fight! <3

  12. Pinkratgirl
    Brigadier General
    9 events (4 reg, 5 sf)
    Over 300 mins recruiting, upped my message count by over four-fold, reached Lifeguard rank… Mishka is on leave so if there’s anything else i need to improve on in order to get promo’d (or just not demo’d) feel free to dm me. FTGF

  13. androidsong
    …by my count it’s 7 + 8 SFs but i feel like that’s a lot :MonkaS:
    i’m pretty sure i don’t have to comment but i still have prior’s shoutout as my wallpaper so ftgf

  14. Elizabeth6133
    I have been trying my best to be active in the discord server and have been attending a ton of events. I know I won’t get promoted (next rank is mod LOL) but I’ll just comment anyways.

  15. Kert
    3-4 events

  16. Mochii
    6 (I think?) events
    Wasn’t able to do as much recruiting this week with school starting, but did manage to earn Explorer this week. Also have been pretty active in chat

    • Borko
      8 events (not including Sunday)
      I have recruited my friend and attended as many events as i could before school starts

  17. CatBallou
    I attended all SF events except stress test. I also attended all but two regular events.
    I pushed myself to make events that I thought I couldn’t make by learning to do events on puffin. So far so good. I have been been active on main chat and voice chat. I bring my personal laptop to work for strikeforce so I can use vpn. I always work hard to make time for events.

  18. thisxotter (OptimisticOtter on Discord)
    8 events (6 norm and 2 sf)
    i try hyping up the chat every so often during events, i’m active on both vc and main chat every so often and i tried recruiting this week (pretty unsuccessful)

  19. sy 💙
    2-3 events I’m not so sure

  20. Lotte
    I attended 3 events this week but I was hoping you would also consider the events I attended before since I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to ask for a promo. I also attempted to recruit but failed 🙁

  21. Raneaosama
    5 RPF events and I believe 3 strike force events
    I am active in chat and try to be in events. I would be more active and involved in strike force events but unfortunately, (Ulti knows) there’s a glitch preventing me from attending most events on CPATG.

  22. VenHur


    Possibly a few. 3 or 4 is a good rounded number, I think.

    I want to further contribute to the RPF as more as I already am.

    I want to atone for my cause back at the Olympics
    (a moment which i’ll NEVER live it down).

    And hopefully one day, I’ll be able to participate in the Strike Force, once the day of rite ultimately come forward in the future.

  23. Blue Dog 109
    The event I attended today was the Operation: Rubber Duckie which was my first event ever

  24. Meg111


    I attended the last event “Operation: Rubber Duckie”

    The number of events you attended this week (From Monday, August 26th)
    I have been getting more and more interested in CPrewritten and I want to build my way to the best. I have been involved in the Discord as well as recruiting.

  25. BenTheGunn
    Attended 4 events and 3 SF events
    Recurited 10 people and been active on chat whenever I’m online

  26. LucaBoss Working at Fort Zacundo
    Attended 3 events

  27. RipplingSapphire
    Attended 3 and a half events and 2 SF events (only because I just joined Strike Force 4 days ago xD)

  28. Selene Nora
    Attended 2 events
    Recruited 1 person And im also active in chat
    Want to further contribute towards rpf

  29. PlayWorks


    3 events

  30. baklavaboi
    Attended 2-3 events in the past week, i try to stay as active as possible in chat.
    Thank you!

  31. eva
    3 events (+ attending sunday ausia as well idk if that counts for this week)
    was active in chat and got 3 recruits
    um yeehaw

  32. Paddy
    6 events
    Been active in chat

  33. pls promote i attended all egcp events this week and my mum said i looked nice earlier

  34. AwesomeBob20
    Attended 4 Events
    I have been active on chat

  35. Tofoo
    attended 6 events
    Tried being as active as I could in chat.

  36. ItsYourBoiMimo
    I attended 2 events
    I really love this community and someday I want to be the leader of the RPF

  37. Sydthepenguin
    One event (busy due to homework and family stuff)
    I want to expand our community and recruit as many as possible

  38. Nut/MinnieIsBad
    3 or 4
    Because i’m the most active nut in these lands <33

  39. yurilover69
    I’m recruiting my family! Next I’m gonna recruit my friend alex

  40. Dylwithit
    I know it might be too late but i really want a promotion because ive joined as much events as i can and i have been active and i really want to join sf

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