Comment for Promotion


Comment the following information

  1. Your name on the RPF site
  2. Your current rank
  3. The number of events you attended this week (From Monday, September 23rd)
  4. Any other reasons you feel should be noted while considering your promotion (like recruiting)


  1. Mochii
    5 + 2sf
    somewhat active in main, did a little bit of recruiting

  2. Name: Jordan82679 (Corporal)

    Rank: Corporal

    I have attended 3 events this week (4 since there will be an AUSIA later on today.)

    I believe I should be promoted because I’ve been trying my best to interact and chat more often with other soldiers.

  3. darthmonky(I think cant remember and don’t wanna check)
    2 events
    I’ve been active in chat and that’s kinda it

  4. hi i love you

  5. Lotte
    I recruited 1 person and attended 4 events this week. I also talked a lot in main and vc 🙂

  6. Nuggy
    I have attended all eu/us and us events, plus one ausia…since i actually woke up earlier than usual, unexpectedly!
    Which means it was about..6? Events this week!
    I still haven’t been active in chat >. < know…fight the good fight!! ♡

  7. hintoflimeee
    6 events (including sf!)
    ive been active in chat and vc, done my best to help new recruits and new members navigate their way here, and all around love to contribute to RPF and would love to keep climbing in the ranks! 🙂

  8. blu29h,
    I have attended 4 events until now in this week (i may attend today’s AUSIA event), i have been active in the chat, and helped people in the server with their problems.
    Also, fight the good fight!

  9. Selene Nora
    3 or 4 Ausia events and the EU/US branch battle yesterday, will hopefully be attending todays Ausia event too!
    To further contribute to RPF <3

  10. BenTheGunn
    Attended 7 events (includes 1 SF)
    Been active in chat whenevet online and recurited 3 people this week.

  11. 1. NAME: thedesiindian (SERGEANT)
    2. Sergeant
    3. 3/4 (Will be attending another 1 happening today so 4/4)
    4. Always active in chat. Last week I attended 0 events but this time I came back :).

  12. Borko
    8 events (including sunday) + 1 sf
    Recruited3 people and took pics almost every event

  13. Rai rank specialist i wana new rank becose this wikend i have done 5 events + i did my first SF event and today be next SF event

  14. 1 Raven17
    2 Private
    3 i attended 5 events this week.
    4 consistent events attendance and kinda active in chat.

  15. alinagrey
    I’ve so far attended four events this week, which will be five after tonight’s ausia.
    I believe that I deserve promotion because I have made every effort to attend every ausia which has taken place this week, even in the midst of my mock exams (which I bombed, but that’s a completely different story…) and other personal pressure. I’ve been doing my best to be active in the discord, and done a little recruiting during events.

  16. sharkboi
    4 events + 2sf (will probably attend all events on sunday too)
    active in chat and hyping events

  17. PlayWorks

    2 events


  18. Somapodra
    4 events, including two AUSIA events (Unfortunately, AUSIA events are too late for me to attend now. 🙁 )
    I’ve been regularly popping into the chat, and I do my best to be friendly and helpful both on the main chat and in the game.

  19. garlic11
    I attended 2 events
    ive been active and being nice to others now
    (sorry I was sleeping that’s why I was nt early)

  20. Agent 73
    4 or 5 events (includining SF)
    i tried to be active in chat

  21. greenplum3
    5 events, will also attend tonight’s eu/us making 6
    i’ve attended a lot of “out of timezone” events especially for my first week and i’m trying to get more active in main chat.

    thanks guys for making this a fun time :p

  22. Elizabeth6133
    4 events
    I’ve been trying my very best to be consistent and active (which I haven’t, but I’ve been trying) and have been trying to attend as many events as I can.

  23. Makai9/ Unicorn Sniper
    3 or 4?
    I am trying to attend every event and always be active. I am always active in chat and school gets in the way. Fight the good fight.

  24. WavyyOzzyy
    I attended 3 events.
    Don’t think I deserve a promotion, just commenting here to hype up my promotion in a couple weeks! FTGF , btw Air Force Owns!

  25. cheesesteaks
    I attended one event, plus the rebel spirit one today I will be attending

  26. Dylwithit
    4 events, i have been active and i havent gotten a promo for 3 weeks straight

  27. Tofoo
    4 events, 1 recruit, active in chats

  28. Monikarlson
    3 events
    I’ve been more active in the chat and hyping up the group

  29. Jstoryhead
    3 events (+1 normal and 1 sf later today)
    I’ve been more active in chat than previous weeks and spent a bit of time in vc

  30. marucha
    3 events

  31. dolan
    three events

  32. CuriousKitty/rebelb0t
    3 events

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