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Good Day RF!

Happy Saturday! Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


A great man once said that i am hot. That great man was me, I am very hot and great.


  1. 10/10
    Been active on chat begging for my free yeezys

  2. Jack#3240
    As always, I strive to be active in chat. I’ve also tried to attend as many events as I can this week.

  3. Corey#3252
    Master Sergeant
    8 or 9
    Always active in chat when I can, was a fact writer before server was defaced, am often active in chat.

  4. cassie
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I attended as many events as I could when I didn’t have any real life obligations, and I was active in chat every chance I could be. I ended up sending around 1k messages this week, even though this was one of my much busier weeks.

  5. BunnehPrincess
    Private First Class
    I try to be active when I can and always try my best to get promoted. I’m a poll writer atm.

  6. Tasos2017
    2nd. Lt.
    After a long time i started being a little bit active again. Homework keeping me back to attend every event, as i used to, but im trying my best.

  7. Tessa
    I’ve been active and attended events when i have had time for it

  8. Leothelion255
    Sergeant Major
    I think I deserve a promotion because I am pretty active on the server and events and I always help people on the server when they need it .

  9. Lizzy
    I’ve been super active this week in the chat and have attended as many events as I could!

  10. umar
    serg major 6.75
    active in chat and attend what events i can

  11. JakeTheBird
    This was one of the most important weeks for me. I was active everyday on the chat sending a lot of messages. I also attended every AUSIA event this week.

  12. Get_a_life/\im short

    I have taken part in almost every us event this week and attended 1 EU event. I was active in chat and vc all week. I try to attend any event I can even if it means I am late.

  13. I’m Noob , my activity level might be 7/10 . I think I deserve a promotion because I tried my best to do anything good with the community and I’m not the negative person so I hope I get a promotion . Thanks .

  14. BScharbach2
    Brigadier General
    I’ve attended events, recruited 2 more friends irl, promoted, fought the good fight and have been in chat constantly. Thus, I feel I deserve Major General.

  15. Hexxer
    First Lieutenant
    I been chatting with RF people and hyping for event every time im online, i can do today EU at least

  16. Cindy77
    7 (i think)
    I’ve attended all the US events and I’m planning to attend the EU events this weekend!

  17. Mindy4IsBack
    Major General

  18. Name: EmpressKatie
    Rank: Corporal
    Activity: 6/10
    I consider myself loyal to the RF and always monitor any possible threats or risks. I attend as many of the EU events as possible and contribute to discussions in the chats.

  19. brownboy102
    Lance Corporal
    Have attended as many US events as I could, am fairly active in chat.

  20. coolguy1608
    lit colonel
    I recently got demoted to this new rank but I believe I deserve Colonel back. I am very active, I’m online every day, I like to have fun and I attend all EU events.

  21. Pokeliam45
    I have attended as many events as I could and have not been super active in chat, but still fairly active.

  22. FizzyPop/Fizzombie
    First Sergeant
    I have attended 2 events in a row now.

  23. Kellis
    Second lieutenant
    I have had the whole week off so you would have no reason not to believe me when I say I have never been this active before, and as always im on discord 247.

  24. Mycydric7 (TheHEROBRINE)
    Lt. Colonel
    I’m really trying my best to attend at least 1 event, but the problem is my strict parents, and the servers, i was catching up with the others on “The Rise Of Ausia” but i cant reach the server, instead i went on another server and following what Night says, doing the tactic and more, even though i wasnt on the assigned server, at least i said 1 sentence on another which is HAPPY ANNIVERSARY AUSIA. Activeness is fair, i go log in to RF discord everyday, and trying to be nice.

  25. AG Silver
    Second Lieutenant
    Im trying as hard as I can to attend as many events but I can only attend a few events because I have lots of school work. I have talked in chat here and there as well. I hope to be promoted.

  26. Jimmy38983
    Major General
    Ever since I’ve rejoined RF I haven’t missed a single event of my division. I hype for events and remind people on the chat 7 hours before the event starts. I always try my best for RF and I always give my 100%. During events I try to recruit rogues on cp too. So that’s all I have to say. Fight the good Fight.

  27. 1337Mishka
    Lieutenant Colonel
    I feel I deserve a promotion as I have been one of the most active members in RF, I have been talking a lot in chat and attending a wide range of events specifically AUSIA and EU events. I am a dedicated member of the RF and try to help out whenever I can and as much as I can. I have also been regularly hyping multiple events and welcoming new members. I also feel I deserve a promotion so I can work towards reaching mod again as when I was a mod I worked super hard, hyping a lot, making event posts and also creating other posts like the uniform post and the catalog secrets post. I actively participated in planning the US mod lead and attended and lead a lot during the event. I also regularly moderated chat and provided my fellow mod colleagues with advice.

  28. ACutePuffle
    First Sergeant
    About 8/10
    I hype AUSIA events every day and try attending them.

  29. Ins4ner
    Ive been having school obviously and too many tests, but Im trying the best I can.

  30. MDj113
    Brigadier General
    Attend many events and am as active as I can be in chat.

  31. klein
    im a shark, im very friendly
    i can be busy at times but RF is a priority!?!?!!!
    love making posts and attending events, i also talk in main a lot 😀

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