Comment For Promotion

Hello everyone!

That’s right, its back. Promotions will be out soon, so be sure to comment on this post to ensure your chances of receiving one. Use the following format:

1. Your name on Discord
2. Your rank
3. Your activity level (1-10)
4. Why do you think you deserve a promotion?


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  1. ACutePuffle
    I try attending events daily and am very active on the discord server


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  4. cassie greatcomets

    Name: cassie the friendly ghost
    Rank: Sergeant Major
    Activity Level: 6-7
    Why I Think I Deserve a Promotion: I work very hard to attend as many RF events as I can, I’m active in chat, I hype up as many events or activities as possible, and I have a lot of fun doing it. I dedicate a lot of time to RF, and for that reason, I think I deserve a promotion.

  5. Kellis
    sergeant major
    I wasnt able to be as active as I normally am due to personal issues but I tried as best as I could to attend events and I am always on discord if you need to talk

  6. Shanks
    I attended every ausia event and was active in chat daily.

  7. Moxie500
    Master Sergeant
    It depends cause I work and spend time with my family sometimes it can be a 6 sometimes it can be a 10
    I think I deserve a promotion because I attend the events I can plus I’ve been in RF for a year now.
    Thank you.

  8. Wadu
    Major General
    I have worked hard to attend many events this week and have helped hype them up and also I am always ready to help any brand new troops

  9. Name: Corey#3252
    Rank: Corporal :/
    Activity Level: 10
    I attend events, have been in RF a long time, was a Master Sergeant, then I was banned and lost my ranks and was put as Cpl when I was unbanned. :/ I’m always active and talkative, helpful, suggest new ideas and am generally just nice -\__@__@__/-

  10. NickEman132
    Sergeant Major
    I think I deserve a promotion because I try very hard to attend events even if i lose in a game or is late in an event.I also help hype up the upcoming event to ensure that online users will attend and be excited for the event. I also believe that if I get promoted I might be too active in RF (except for school hours) so I can join more events.

  11. Tessa
    Master Sergeant
    7 maybe?
    I should get a promo because im active and i attend events (I don’t know how to answer this without sounding selfish)

  12. JakeTheBird
    Second Lieutenant
    I believe I deserve a promotion because I have been working very hard in the RF and been attending as many events as I can depending on my school schedule.
    I did ATTEND a lot of events so I believe I deserve a promo

  13. Name: Vishal72002#8225
    Rank: Second Lieutenant
    Activity Level: 8-9
    Why I think I deserve a promotion: Because I had been actively attending all events and taking part in event hypes and also started some giveaways recently.
    Had not got a promo for 3 week so I think this time is my chance.

  14. Mindy4IsHere
    Major General

  15. Racer, Corporal.
    Activity level: 3
    Reason for promotion: While I’ve only attended 3 events this week due to my schedule, I’ve been reasonably active on chat.

  16. Orange37408
    Brigadier General
    I’ve tried as hard as I can to be very active, I have attended many events.

  17. Jason
    Second lieutenant
    Activity Level: 8
    Im always friendly and contribute with the RF chat, i attend events everyday at least 1 and often 2 even if i have school, i stay up to attend EU (since im in AUSIA currently)

  18. MDj113
    I try to be active and friendly in the RF chat, I attend events as often as I can.

  19. Cindy77
    Sergeant Major
    6 or 7 idk
    I attend as many events as i can and i follow da ruless

  20. Coolguy1608
    I attend as many events as I can even though I have horrible internet connection. I’m online everyday and I’m very active in helping people out

  21. BunnehPrincess
    Private First Class
    5 I guess
    I try to be active/friendly and attend as many events as I can and follow the rules.

  22. Amadeus23
    I have attended some ausias and eus been active on chat and been trying to respect rules a lot and helping the good help

  23. pinkoliv123
    Lance Corporal
    I have attended almost every US event since I joined. I have been very active on Discord in both attending events and supporting both Air Force and Silent Knights.

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