Hey Rebels! Smoothie Smash is the most recent game to be added on to Club Penguin Journey, so we are happy to bring you a guide for all your stamp-achieving needs! Achieving stamps may not always be easy, but with this guide, we hope it will be smooth sailing, and you’ll have that stamp book filled in no time!

First, head to the Coffee Shop to the booth on the bottom left!

There are two modes that you can play in… Normal and Survival.

In Normal Mode, you’ll see the count for the amount of fruit you’ve correctly smashed, and the recipe you’re aiming to complete. You will be timed in this mode, but if you can grab the clocks that appear throughout the game, you can buy yourself some more seconds! The main goal here is to complete all the recipes, in the right order!

Now, let’s discuss Survival Mode. You’ll notice there is no recipe here to follow, just a score and your health at the bottom. You’ll notice that the timer isn’t counting down here, but there are things to avoid such as anvils and bombs, so watch out! If you hit them, your health bar will decrease, but you can also heal yourself by continuing to smash fruit.

Now, let’s talk about those precious stamps!

There are a total of 16 stamps for you to earn while playing Smoothie Smash.
4 Easy Stamps, 4 Medium Stamps, 4 Hard Stamps, and 4 Extreme Stamps!

To discuss each stamp, we are going to divide them by type of stamp, instead of their difficulty!

Cameo Stamps:

Shipshake: Serve a smoothie to Rockhopper

Berry Smart: Serve a smoothie to Aunt Arctic

Beary Berry: Serve a smoothie to Herbert

Recipe Stamps:

Fruit Squeeze: Complete 5 Recipes in 1 game

Tasty Treat: Complete 10 Recipes in 1 game

Energizer: Complete 20 Recipes in 1 game

Smoothie Zing: Complete 30 Recipes in 1 game

Streak Stamps:

Fruit Splatter: Smash 10 correct fruit in a row

Fruit Stomper: Smash 20 correct fruit in a row

Fruit Smasher: Smash 50 correct fruit in a row

Time Stamps:

Fruit Power: Last 2 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Warrior: Last 4 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Master: Last 8 minutes in Survival Mode

Survival Stamps:
Deflector: Take no damage for 2 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Survivor: Take no damage for 3 minutes in Survival Mode

Smoothie Hero: Take no damage for 4 minutes in Survival Mode

Tips and Tricks:

– You can still land on anvils as if they were fruit, they just damage you. Unless you’re going for the “Don’t get hit” stamps, don’t be afraid of stepping on them if you absolutely have to, since the conveyor speed won’t decrease like in Normal.
Bombs have recoil! If you jump on them, you’ll be sent flying upwards for a very long time. You can dive back down faster by pressing DOWN on your keyboard, instead of having to wait it out.
Smaller fruits still have a bigger hitbox than you think, don’t worry about having to land exactly on the little ones.
Not holding arrow keys is a valid strategy! This is very useful for moving from one fruit to the next in Survival.
– Anvils spawn around 0:30-1:00. They can start jumping the moment they spawn.
Bombs spawn around 1:30. They can start jumping the moment they spawn.
Jumping objects are seen more frequently around 2:00.
Two hazards next to eachother start spawning around 2:30-3:00.
– The conveyor speeds up drastically every 3 minutes.

– The game will not spawn more of the fruit you need if an extra one is already on the screen. For example, if you need two apples, and there’s three on the conveyor, the game will not spawn a fourth apple until one of the three apples leaves the screen.
– Rockhopper, Aunt Arctic and Herbert are RNG dependent. It’s easy to find them if you just keep playing it over and over. The chance to get them does not increase by combo, time or anything else; it’s just luck.

– You can bounce off of fruits consecutively if you hold DOWN. If you see a row of fruit that you need, you can keep holding down and smashing them all.
Holding UP after a bounce is very, very useful to keep your height. Don’t stop holding UP and you’ll remain in the air for a very long time.
– The fastest (but riskiest) way to keep smashing fruit at high speeds is to hold DOWN between fruits and then hold UP after stepping on the last fruit you need.

We hope you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful in your journey of collecting all the Smoothie Smash stamps! If you’d like to see more guides, tips, mascot-tracking, and more, join our amazing Discord community here!

-Mads (MadDawg) || Lieutenant General

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