CPR 2019 Christmas Party Guide

Heya Rebels!

The Club Penguin Rewritten Christmas Party is here! And we at the RPF CPR-News team have uncovered all the secrets out so far. Read on to find out more!

Free Items:

Lets get started! In the Ski Village you can pick up a set of Reindeer Antlers:

Head on over to the Book Room (through the Coffee Shop) to pick up a Santa Seat background:

Santa’s Sleigh:

The Dance Lounge (Upstairs in the Nightclub) has been revamped with 2 new branching rooms!

The first is the Bakery, on the right side of the room. You can’t enter it yet, but on Christmas Day it will be open:

Santa’s Sleigh is found through the second door.

Once you enter, you can play a short mini-game dropping presents into chimneys. Once the ‘present dropper’ at the back of the sleigh is just above a chimney, click the “Present Release” button to score a point!

Once you have successfully delivered 15 presents, head up to the top left to claim your prize:

Santa’s Present Bag!

Rockhopper’s Ship:

Rockhopper is back on the Island with new Rare Items! There is also one secret item in the catalogue:

Click the ‘S’ in the title to find a Map Area Rug for your igloo!

Coins for Change:

Click the gift in the top right of the screen to access the Coins for Change menu.

From here, there is LOADS of information to take on board, so I’m going to walk you through it:

Community Goal:

Once enough coins have been donated, free items are available here for everyone! Click the numbers in the circles at the top to scroll through the goals, and click “Collect” to receive your reward.


Check out the Checklist to see a list of daily tasks, that get you even more cool rewards!


Here is where you can donate your shiny gold coins to the Coins for Change program, and help earn community rewards. Click “Donate” to access the next screen:

Here you can choose what cause you would like to support! Pick the one you would like to go with, and head on to the next screen:

This is the last and most important part. Choosing how much to give. I’d recommend giving as much as you can.

Once you donate, you will acquire the Volunteer stamp and the 2019 CFC Pin!

And that’s all for this years Christmas Party! Enjoy the festivities.

Merry Christmas from the CPR-News Team!

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