Its spooky season, and the CPR Halloween Party is back! There’s a bunch of rare new items, rooms, and even transformations! Read on for more info…

New Rooms

There are a lot of new rooms, and old rooms have been retextured to look extra haunting.

Mansion / Ghost Lab:

In the forest, there’s a new path you can take that leads you to the Mansion:

There are a few rooms inside the Mansion, namely a Study, a Dining Hall and the Lab.

Graveyard / Haunted House:

Heading left in the forest brings you to the Graveyard. From there, you can get to the Haunted House:

Gary’s Lab:

In the Book Room, there’s a secret passageway that takes you into Gary’s Lab from previous Halloween parties!

Candy Hunt

There’s a new hunt on! In any outside room (Plaza, Forts, etc), small candies have a chance to appear! You can click on them to collect them whenever you spot one:

For example, in Town and on Ski Hill

Collect tons of these to get some special rare items. Ill go over them later on!



Inside the Lab (in the Mansion), there is a machine you can use to turn yourself into a ghost!


In the Graveyard, after sitting still for a while, a zombie will pop out of the ground and bit you! This triggers the zombie transformation:

(The chance for the transformation is super rare, I couldn’t make it happen! Here’s a pic of Kirby instead)

Transformations stick around forever until you log out or click the ‘Transform back’ button on your player card.


Pumpkin Head:

This gourd can be found for free inside the Haunted House (in the Graveyard).

Gary’s Lab Catalogue:

A bunch of creepy costumes can be found in this catalogue in Gary’s Lab:

Candy Hunt Items:

At the top of your screen is a menu where you can spend any candies you’ve collected in the hunt! Items cost a lot, but are super rare, so get collecting:

That’s all for this year’s Halloween party! Enjoy the festivities, and don’t get too frightened… >:)

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