The party starts now cause it’s Club Penguin Rewritten’s 5th anniversary! Get ready for more fun and more cake with this in-depth party guide as we guide you through all the amazing anniversary treats like free memorable items and new rooms.

Daily Giveaways

Log on daily to collect the special throwback items that haven’t been available in a while! Access the giveaways by clicking the bow with balloons at the top right corner of the screen.

New Rooms and Party Items

First stop: the Coffee Shop. The room is decorated with balloons and then some has a big cake that comes with a surprise! Follow the red arrow and walk right into the cake to go through the different layer rooms, all the way to the top!

You can pick up a free background at each of the cake layers by standing in front of the backdrop and clicking the camera!

Once at the top of the cake, click the present on the left for a free Party Hat!

Free Items

Head over to the Beach and click the broken box of anvils to get the Heavy Hat.

To find the Accordion, first, go to the Forest and then walk into the Leprechaun House through the door on the top right. Inside, click the box with the instruments to get one for yourself!

Last but not least, find the Pink Iceberg Tipper by –you guessed it– tipping the Ice Berg! Lots of penguins are needed to tip the ice, so you’ll have better luck by logging onto a busy server or attending one of our events.

Before logging off, don’t forget to visit the other rooms on the island featuring decorations from different iconic Club Penguin Rewritten parties! With that being said, we reach the end of this guide. Be sure to check out our Discord server for all the latest on parties, catalog secrets, a mascot tracker, and more!

– princhi, Third in Command

– Avrillaving2, Third in Command

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