As spring pops into season, so does the Easter Scavenger Hunt! The Easter bunny has left eggs scattered around the island for penguins to collect. There is also a brand new code to unlock some special items! Let’s hop on into it!

Use code BUGSBUNNY21 to unlock the golden bunny ears and 1000 coins!

Easter Egg Hunt Guide:

There are a total of eight Easter eggs hidden around the island with a special prize once you have found them all!

Egg 1: Stadium

Egg 2: Town

Egg 3: Gift shop

Egg 4: Skihill

Egg 5: Ski Lodge

Egg 6: Dojo Entrance

Egg 7: Coin Mine

Egg 8: Cove

Once you have collected all of the eggs, you’ll earn the new Easter igloo and location!

That is all for now rebels! Happy hunting and make sure to stay tuned for more party updates to come. For more information on parties, pin trackers, catalog secrets, mascot trackers, and more, be sure to join our Discord

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