Hey Rebels!

We have a brand new party in Club Penguin Rewritten the Halloween Party!

Upon starting your game and logging on, you will be placed in Gary’s Secret Lab with the Sled Maker 3000! You can use the machine to turn your penguin into a sled! You can transform back into a penguin using your Edit Player menu if you choose to!

If you notice in the top right corner of your screen, there is a tombstone that showcases a daily item that is released until Halloween Night! So far, there is the Haunted Pumpkin Basket and Halloween Cape! There will be a new item every day until October 31st, so be sure to check it every day!

There is also a sign on the bottom of the screen that takes you to a Dark Chamber and Haunted House, located in the Forest!

The Dark Chamber contains 3 puzzles, the first of which is a piano puzzle, followed by two mazes! We’ll show you how to get through!

The valves will blow steam of colors that correspond to the piano keys on the organ: your goal is to match them!

First pattern: Pink, Blue, Orange, Pink

Second pattern: Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green

Third pattern: Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Pink

After you complete the piano puzzle, you move ahead to the mazes!

You can grab the Storm Lantern next to you to navigate through the dark maze, or you can use your Night Vision Goggles to see the whole room!

Here are the 2 mazes solved using the Night Vision Goggles:

After you complete the mazes, you can grab the Swamp Monster costume!

When you exit the Dark Chamber, you will appear in the Haunted House! On top of the stairs is the Ghost Costume!

There is also a new Stage play: Night of the Living Sled: LIVE! There are two costumes available, the Sled Costume, and the Rad Scientist!

The current pin during the Halloween Party is the Fire Extinguisher, and you can find it here!

We hope this guide helps you navigate this fun party! Happy Halloween!

-Rocket, General


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