As we head into some summer fun, Club Penguin Rewritten has created a scavenger hunt for penguins to collect backgrounds and instruments around the island!

There are 5 instruments to find, and a special instrument background for completing the hunt!

When you log on CPR, you’ll see these new menu in the top right on your screen.

Instrument Hunt Guide:

Item 1: Keytar
Location: Lighthouse

Item 2: Harp
Location: Pet Shop

Item 3: Bongos
Location: Forest

Item 4: Drumsticks
Location: Book Room

Item 5: Trumpet
Location: Lodge (Attic)

Once you collect all the items, you’ll get the Instruments Background!

That’s all for now! Check back for more Party Guide updates! Fight the Good Fight!

(Hopefully the next one is Music Jam and not Waddle On! Haha…. :fedup:)



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