The Mountain Expedition Party is here and it is ready for you to explore! There are some new rooms for you to search, fun items for you to pick up, and a fun expedition that will lead you to some new treasure!

The Town and Plaza have both been decorated to fit the theme of our Mountain Expedition!

To begin the Mountain Expedition, enter through the archway in the Ski Village!

Once you enter, you will reach the first room which has a free hat and a small catalogue filled with fun items to make you look like an explorer!

After entering through the cave, you will reach your next step of the expedition! Make sure to click the icicles to open up the gates to the next room!

Feel free to stand next to the fire just in case you need a break on this expedition!

Before you reach the final room, there is a bonus room for you to explore! Once you click the ice boulder in the corner, it will give you access to a fun room!

In order to reach the Mountain’s Peak, there are some tasks you must complete. First, pick up the axe.

Once you pick up the axe, click it to chop off the wood!

Lastly, throwing snowballs at the icicles above will launch the wood and create a bridge to the mountain’s peak.

At the mountain’s peak there are a couple of items you can pick up! Grab the red flag so you can mark the top of your expedition!

Once you sit at the top of the mountain, you can click the camera and get a background for 60 coins!

Congratulations! You have now successfully completed the expedition! Once you climb to the summit, you will receive the Mountaineer stamp for your penguin! Great job!

There are tons of fun expeditions for you to explore during the Mountain Expedition Party! There is a new pin that you can pick up here. For more information on parties, pin trackers, catalog secrets, mascot trackers, and more, be sure to join our Discord!

Lanie – Third in Command


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