The long awaited Music Jam Party is finally out on Club Penguin Rewritten!

This Party comes with newly designed rooms, costumes, and free items that you can collect daily. Log on everyday to collect the items!

There are also two new menu buttons, a Palm Tree at the top right, and a Book full of exclusive items!

If you click the Palm Tree, you will be able to collect a daily free item!

If you click the book at the bottom right, you will find a catalog filled with exclusive items!

Click on the Foxtale to unlock the Purple MP3000.

Log on to purchase the new exclusive items!

Click the sign at the bottom right to go to the Dance-off at the rooftop!

From there, you can go upstairs to another room, but you need an All Access Pass from the Party Catalog.

Click on the crate of Boomboxes to pick one up.


Click on DJ Maxx for a free Background!

You can also head Backstage. An All Access Pass is needed to enter. Find it in the Party Catalog, located in Town, Plaza, and the Casa Fiesta room.

Here you can find a Music Catalog with 6 items plus 2 hidden ones!

Click on the word “Music”, to unlock the Drum Sticks and Blue Snare Drum.

Ski Village:

You can find another new room here.

Here’s a look from inside.

Inside Mine:

Head to Inside Mine to play a game of Musical Icicles!


Here you can find the Floor Piano 3000!

That’s all for now! Be sure to explore all of the other fun rooms in this party as well! Thanks for reading!

– Sarah, Head General


rhythmic movement

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  1. Thank you! I almost missed the DJ Maxx background. The Snack Shack stamp is also available!

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