CPR PARTY GUIDE – Summer Luau 2019

Aloha Rebels!

The CPR News Team is back to give you the latest update for the new party, the Summer Luau!

Along with several room changes, including one secret one, there are many items you can grab for free across the island!

In the Coffee Shop, you can grab the Yellow Snorkel from the treasure chest in the bottom right corner!

Next, in the Plaza, you can get a cool Ice Cream Apron and soft-serve it up!

At the Beach, you can get a Seashell Belt from the box. Shell yeah!

Finally, you can grab the much acclaimed Inflatable Duck at the Cove in the water! (Fun Tip: If you swim in the water with just the Inflatable Duck on, you’ll get a stamp!)

The biggest secret of all this party is a secret room in the Iceberg – The Whale Room!

That’s all for now! Check back with the CPR News Team for updates on current and upcoming parties and all the latest secrets!


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-Roqusy, Lieutenant General


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