Hey Rebels!

The current party in Club Penguin Rewritten is the 14th Anniversary Party!

The party lasts for 3 days (Oct. 22nd – Oct. 24th), so make sure to check out the fun decorated rooms and get the new available items while you can!

Well, it’s not a party without a cake; the Coffee Shop is where it is at!

The party hat is one of the new available items. To get it, click on the Propeller Hat on the cake. A small button will apear underneath it, press it. The hat you’re looking for will drop in the room, onto the red carpet.


While you’re at it, make sure to obtain the Celebration stamp! Hover your mouse over the cake’s candle to blow it.


Another room worth checking out is the Iceberg! Guess what? Not only does it tip, there’s also an awesome party underneath it with a rare blue hard hat.

Thank you for reading this guide! Have fun at the 14th Anniversary Party!

– Moon, General


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