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The latest party in Club Penguin Rewritten is The Fair!

Along with several room changes, there’s a lot of new things in the island!

In the Ski Village, step in front of the curtain background and click the camera to get the Step Right Up Background!

Another hidden item is the Luxury Cowboy Hat! This can be found inside the lighthouse! Can I get a yeehaw?

In the Fair, you need to play new minigames to get tickets. Tickets are used to get items at the prize booths! The new minigames can be found at Docks, Forest, Cove, and a new room added which you can access via Snow Forts!

Every day that you log on during the party, you’ll get a Golden Ticket! There’s also a slim chance of getting a golden ticket each time you play a game and when you log on for the first time each day. You can redeem them at Spin-To-Win at the Docks! Here, you can win coins, tickets, and even mystery prizes!

These are the mystery prizes you can win:

There are booths where you can redeem tickets at Forest and the entrance to the Puffle Circus, which can be accessed by the Forest!

These are the prizes you can get:

This is the booth at Forest.

This is the booth at the Puffle Circus entrance. There are two secrets in this one!

1: Click the face of the penguin with the ice cream hat to find a Teddy Bear!

2: Click the first red banner (left to right) to find the Red Balloon!

There are 3 new rooms, one which we already saw (the one with the games). The other two are the inside of the Puffle Circus and the Bumper Cars room! This one is accessed by going where it says “Play Games and Have Fun” in the room with the games!

Also coming to the island is long awaited Rockhopper! Because of his arrival, his Migrator is now docked on the Beach!

Within the Ship Hold, you can access Rockhopper’s Rare Items:

Thank you for reading the guide! We hope it will help!

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