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This is a guide on how to earn all stamps for the game within Club Penguin Rewritten called Ice Fishing. This is located within the Ski Lodge and is accessible by walking up to the door on the right side of the Ski Lodge and clicking play.

In total there are 13 stamps which can be obtained in Ice Fishing. There is 1 Easy stamp, 3 Medium stamps, 7 Hard stamps, 1 Extreme stamps and 1 Insanity stamp to be obtained.

Snack Attack: Feed a fish to a shark
Shock King: Get 3 shocks from jellyfish and finish the game
Fishtastic: Catch 15 fish without any mistakes
Fishing Frenzy: Catch 10 fish in Time Trials mode
Worm Win: Finish the game without losing a worm
Crab Cuts: Have 3 crabs cut your line and finish the game
Afishionado: Catch 45 fish without any mistakes
Gray Goodies: Catch 15 gray fish
Prize Mullet: Capture Mullet.
Fly Fisher: Catch 63 fish in under 5 minutes
Trial Master: Catch 20 fish in Time Trials mode
Ace Angler: Hook 15 gray fish and Mullet with no worm lost
Rare Mullet:  Catch the Rare Mullet

This is what your stamp book should look like before we begin:

In general, these stamps have quite straight forward descriptions on what is needed to obtain them. However, I will give a bit of guidance on how to get them.

The objective of the game is to catch as many fish as you can while avoiding obstacles like Barrels, Boots, Jellyfish, Sharks and Crabs. There are four fishes that can be caught in the game: the Yellow Fish (Fluffy), Grey Fish, Red Mullet and the Grey Mullet. All of the fishes above with the exception of the Grey Fish can be caught using the regular fishing rod provided in game. To get the Grey Fish, you need to purchase the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod which is located to the left of the Door marked ‘Ice Fishing ‘ in the Ski Lodge.

Press Yes to purchase the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod. Equip it and then head over to the door marked ‘Ice Fishing’ to start the game. In the next section I’ll describe the process of catching the 4 types of fishes mentioned earlier starting with the Yellow Fish.

Yellow Fish (Fluffy)

To catch the Yellow Fish, simply lower the fishing line into the water by moving your line to the height of the Yellow Fish, which always moves in a straight line. Once it has been caught quickly raise the line above the ice and click your right mouse button to release the fish. This action can be repeated to get more yellow fish. A Yellow Fish is worth 4 coins.

It is important to note that your line is not affected by Barrels and Boots unlike the other obstacles such as Sharks, Jellyfish and Crabs which cut your line and cause a worm loss. However, once you’ve caught the fish, make sure that its head doesn’t come into contact with the barrels or boots, otherwise you will lose the fish. Here’s a Pro tip when encountering too many barrels/boots – Move your line downwards such that the head of the fish is unaffected and wait for the obstacles to pass by before raising the line.

Grey Fish

To catch the Grey Fish, make sure you’ve purchased and equipped the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod. The process of catching the Grey Fish is very similar to that of the Yellow Fish. However, while the yellow fish moves in a straight line, the Grey Fish does not – it appears on screen and pauses for a while before changing its direction. Here’s a Pro tip to predict where they’ll go – if it appears right at the top, you have to move the fishing line all the way down; if it appears in the middle, just move the fishing line a little bit higher than its location. The Grey Fish is worth 8 coins.

Red Mullet/Grey Mullet

These fishes appear at the end of the game and are worth 100 coins. To catch the mullet, we need to use a yellow fish as bait. They first appear in the distant background once you’ve caught your 60th fish.

Once it appears in the background, keep a close watch on the number of fishes caught (located on the top left of your screen). Once that number reaches 62, catch the very next fish and bring the line to the middle along with the fish as your bait. The mullet will appear on your screen and will be automatically caught.

While most games end with the Red Mullet, for 1 out of every 100 tries, a Grey Mullet appears and can be caught using the above mentioned procedure. This mullet is extremely rare as it spawns randomly.

Now that you know how to catch each type of fish, let’s move on to the stamps.

Shark Attack

For this stamp, simply catch a fish and bring the line to the height of an oncoming shark and allow the shark to eat the fish. Keep in mind that acquiring this stamp will result a worm loss.

Shock King/Crab Cuts

Both these stamps require you to complete the game by catching the Mullet, in spite having 3 worm losses. For Shock King, you need to get shocked by Jellyfish thrice and complete the game and for Crab Cuts, you need to have your line cut thrice  by Crabs.

For both these stamps, it is important to have exactly three worm losses. If you have more than three losses, you will not get the stamps. Moreover, you must complete the game by catching the Mullet.


For Fishtastic and Afishionado, you need to catch 15 and 45 fishes respectively, without losing a worm.

Fishing Frenzy/Trial Master

For Fishing Frenzy and Trial Master, you need to catch 10 and 20 yellow fishes respectively, in time trials mode. Grey Fishes will not be counted for either of these stamps, so it is best to attempt these stamps without the Flashing Lure Fishing Rod.

Grey Goodies

For this stamp, you need to catch 15 Grey Fishes. It is important to note that this stamp may not be achievable in every game as the number of  Grey Fishes that spawn maybe less than 15. Since Grey Fishes stop spawning after the 58th fish, make sure you prioritize catching a Grey fish if they appear alongside a Yellow Fish.

Fly Fisher

For this stamp, you need to get 63 fishes in under 5 minutes. While each session of the game is guaranteed to produce 63 fishes, it is important to note that most sessions of the game will allow you to catch 63 fishes at most. As a result, attempting to get this stamp will most likely cause you to lose the Mullet.

Ace Angler

For this stamp, you need to get 15 Grey Fishes and a Mullet without losing a single worm. As I mentioned earlier, this may not be achievable in every single game as the number of grey fishes spawned vary significantly from session to session. The most important thing for this stamp is patience. For instance, trying to get a fish in the presence of too many obstacles might result in a worm loss.

Prize Mullet/Rare Mullet

For the Prize Mullet stamp, all you need to do is catch the Red Mullet which appears at the end of the game using the procedure mentioned above.

The Rare Mullet stamp, is one among three insanity stamps in Club Penguin the other two being Unbeatable (Cart Surfer) and Pure Ice! (Dance Contest). Unlike the other two which can be earned through sheer skill, the Rare Mullet stamp is a lot harder because of the fact that the Grey Mullet has a less than one percent chance of spawning. The only way to earn this stamp, is to play the game over and over again until the Grey Mullet spawns.

After completing all the 13 stamps, your stamp book should look like this

You should also get a 2x Coin Bonus every time you play.

This is a screenshot after I got all the stamps:

Congratulations! You have officially completed all the stamps relating to Ice Fishing!


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Ice Fishing is my jam!


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