Curiouser and Curiouser: Rebels Through the Looking Glass Review

This April, the Party Planning Committee organized its first themed week of the HTML5 era! Fit for the whimsy of the oncoming spring, events were centered around Alice in Wonderland. Filled with unique activities and a sense of adventure, this certainly won’t be a week to forget!

Without further ado, let’s take a look back on:

The Announcement

“Every adventure requires a first step.”

On Monday, the 5th, the Party Planning Committee introduced us to an Alice in Wonderland-themed week, filled with fun activities beyond our normal events. Rebels were sent out to peruse a character quiz, search for eggs and rabbits throughout the server, and complete a checklist of tasks! The hype was tangible, to say the least, and down the rabbit hole we went

Read the aforementioned announcement here if you haven’t!

A Week in Wonderland

This week was filled with egg-citing (see what I did there?) events, so it’d be exhausting to recount them all. If you’re interested in that, check out this week’s issue of Tuxedo Times. Rather, I’ll be covering some of the week’s highlights!

Wednesday’s Operation: Fedorable was our highest-maxing event during the weekdays (more on that later) with a total of 64 penguins online! The Hatter would’ve undoubtedly been proud of everyone’s goofy hats. Afterward, we gathered for a stream of the animated Alice in Wonderland.

Our first ever Candytron 3000 Tournament was held on Thursday! Winners competed for the prestigious Candy Crush role. It went over very well, so maybe we’ll see the mode return for future events!

Text reading: In first place with an average of 40 pizzas and winning 1000 rc and winning the Candy Crush role we have Tazmily; in second place with an average of 39.6 pizzas and winning 500 rc we have Missy; in third place with an average of 39.3 pizzas 250 rc we have MegaMatthew.

Congratulations to our Candytron 3000 winners!

Then, it came time for the weekend’s huge events. First things first, we held a scavenger hunt on Saturday! Every rebel searched far and wide, competing for that exclusive Dreamscaper role.

Afterward, it was time for the big battle. Air Force, Navy, and our newest allies, the Fire Warriors, dressed up as three of Wonderland’s most iconic characters. The Cheshire Cat, the Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts duked it out at this spectacular event! After some creative tactics and intense fighting, Navy came out on top.

An image of Club Penguin's iceberg. Air Force are dressed in purple, Navy in green, and Fire Warriors in red. They are each chanting tactics at each other.

Operation: A Heated Battle, where RPF maxed 53!

And lastly, finishing off the week was a lovely Spring Gala, themed around tea parties. This was our highest maxing event in the entire week, boasting a whopping 67 dapper penguins! Looks like everyone really enjoyed it, from the pre-event jams (Fireball, anyone?) to the decorated igloos and the art activities! This won’t be a gala to forget any time soon.

An image of Club Penguin's Town. Penguins in colorful dress sit in a plus form, chanting "LETS ALL CONGRATULATE US WITH ANOTHER CUP OF TEA"

RPF’s Spring Gala!

Of course, it wasn’t only the events that stood out. As rebels worked to complete their checklists for that special Down the Rabbit Hole role, there were quite a few entertaining hijinks! Here’s a quick reel.

A Tea-side Talk

The week was amazing, sure, but I wanted to dig a bit deeper. To get more details about the week, I reached out to Milly and Panini, the heart of the Party Planning Committee, for a quick chat.

Q: How do you think the week went? What did people enjoy the most?

Milly: rebels through the looking glass was amazing! everyone really seemed to enjoy the themed quizzes we’ve done in the past, so it was great being able to implement something similar again 😀 !
Panini: It was such a stellar week. It looks like server favourites were the character quiz, the checklist & the Spring Gala. Everyone was so hyped throughout, I couldn’t be happier & more grateful with how the week went.

Q: What was your favorite part about the week?

Milly: my personal favourite part of the week was seeing people complete all of the items for the checklist! it was so funny going through all of the egg comments LOOOOL (they were all eggcellent heh).
Panini: PPC projects can definitely become tedious in regard to planning but seeing everyone so happy is genuinely the greatest feeling. Gotta give some major recognition to the rest of the committee, especially our mods, who worked so so hard. I adore the entire team, they make it all worth it :’) My favourite part had to be the egg drops & exactly how they were dropped; so funny.

Q: Any sneak peeks for future weeks like these?

Milly: as for future projects, ppc still has yet to get together again and brainstorm, but with the awesome team we have in place, i’m confident we’re going to put forward another exciting project soon! :tearysmile~1::whiteheartexplode:
Panini: Currently no sneak peeks to offer but the committee always has something up their sleeve. We love planning these sorts of projects so expect something from us in the near future!


And that’s it – a comprehensive review of Rebels Through the Looking Glass! I hope you enjoyed the week just as much as I did. Even when the server returns to normal, the memories we’ve made will stick around for much longer. As RPF’s resident calculator, I’d like to end this review with – you guessed it – a graph putting the week’s successes into perspective!

Major thank you to the Party Planning Committee for organizing this week, the Fire Warriors for battling us, the rebels who attended events and participated in activities, and you, the reader, for viewing this post!

Will we have more themed weeks like these in the future? Undoubtedly!
It’s only a matter of when.

Brenatto, Second in Command


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