Hello rebels! We are back for the thirteenth edition of the Day In The Life column! For this edition, we’ll be asking two staff members from the Officer team! They happen to also be in the Rebel Broadcast Team, which makes for an interesting new edition. Accompany me as they tell us a bit about their daily life.


On weekdays i normally wake up at 7 as i have school, eat breakfast and check discord for 10 mins, leave the house at 7:45 as i need to pick up lunch on the way to school. i arrive at school normally between 8:15 and 8:35am. school day ends at 3:15pm so i walk home and make it back for around 3:50-4:00pm, then i play on my switch and chat on discord for a while until my dinner at 6-7pm. after i eat i attend an EU event if there is any and chat on discord until my wifi turns off at 10pm when i read for a bit or play offline games till i fall asleep.


I wake up at 7.15 am, get ready and head off to work around 8.40 to start my job at 9.00, where I work until 16.00. You can often find me on Discord during my work breaks. I get home after that, and what I do next kinda depends. I’m often in main for events or just to chat, but I also draw, watch Youtube or go to tennis practice. I try to be in bed between 22.45 and 23.15. And that’s my day kinda.

Thanks to our hard-working team members and Officers Moonlemur and Imatsoup for sharing some tidbits about their routine! We appreciate all that you do for RPF. Hope you enjoyed reading this newest edition, and we’ll see you next time!


War, war never changes.

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