Day in the Life – 4th Edition

The Day in the Life column is back with our fourth edition! In this edition, we’ll get an inside look to the daily life of an up-and-coming troop, a returning troop recently promoted to Officer Cadet, and one of our officers. Let’s see how they spend their time and what they do outside of their penguin life!

Our first interviewee is Shpec, acclaimed Bean God, and current Colonel.

I’m currently in university, so unfortunately most of the time I’m studying or in class :(. I try to wake up early, and do morning stuff (brush, shower etc.), I usually check discord after that and if I don’t feel lazy, and I try to attend AUSIAs. On most days my classes start at 9/10 so I get something to eat on the way to campus, but on the rest of the days, I usually eat cereal. After my classes are over, I usually attend EUs in the library. After my classes are over, (most days around 4/5), I go out with my friends. I usually get back home around 8 and if I’m not too tired, I hop onto my desk and work/play games/discord. This is also the time when I’m most active online. I usually stay in this state until I feel sleepy. And that’s a day in the life of shpec.

I don’t really have a routine, other than my class schedule and a relatively fixed waking time. Confession: I am HORRIBLE at managing my time/priorities, so my rpf/irl duties are sort of yuckily meshed together. I believe there’s been quite a few times in chat where I’ve remembered an assignment I needed to submit just an hour or two. So, technically, there’s no “management” of duties :/

In my free time, I usually hangout with friends, play my guitar, play video games or attend events in the rf servers. I enjoy sleeping as well… if that can be counted 😀

Next up is Joseph, a fresh cadet, who was an officer back in 2019 for a few weeks.

I recently rejoined RPF in February 2022 since I started getting less busy with real life, and because I wanted to check back in on the army since I used to be a staff member in 2019. Upon being back I did something that I have never done before in the RPF which was joining a team. The team I ended up joining was the Social Media Team. I think that this team is such a pleasure to be apart of because everyone is so nice and we have a lot of fun coming up with ideas and making content with one another. I honestly encourage members of the RPF to join teams because they’re a great way to show your dedication to RPF and they’re also a nice way to help out even if you don’t have the time or activity level to be a staff member. Anyone can help out without a title. 🙂 I had graduated high school last year during the 2020-2021 school year and had taken a gap year instead of going to college straight from high school since I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to major in; so at this point in time I pretty much just work a part-time job 4-5 days a week. I try to come to the events as best as possible by working around my work schedule since most of the events occur before or after my shifts or on my days off. The events that mostly work out for me are the AUSIA and US ones, with the exception of an EU event here and there.

EU events are tricky for me to attend since they either begin right when my shifts are ending or right when my shifts are about to start. Although I don’t have perfect attendance, I’d say that I can attend more than half of the events each week. When I’m not doing things within the RPF you can find me drawing, listening to music, playing video games with close friends, spending time with my family, going on walks, and swimming. I love spending time outdoors, especially during the summertime when the weather is nice and there’s a lot more activities to do. I’ve really enjoyed my time back so far and I don’t have any plans on leaving like I did in the past, although I am planning on going back to school in the fall of 2022 since I have decided that I’d like to major in education. I’d really like to become a math teacher around the subjects pre-algebra and algebra 1 because math is a subject that I did well at all throughout school, and I also think that teachers have one of the coolest jobs because they play a huge part in shaping the next generation, and giving them all the tools that they need to succeed in the real world. All I can say now is that I plan to organize all of my roles and responsibilities with the RPF and college when I enroll, and organize times to where I can complete my assignments while doing my best not to interfere with as many RPF events as possible, based on my workload and deadlines.

Lastly, maggie, one of our Major Generals, told us about her day to day life.

I usually wake up around 6:40 am and go to the bathroom to get ready for the day. By like 7 am I am preparing and eating my breakfast. As I’m eating, I open discord and say good morning to the chat and talk there until 7:20 ish when I say bye so I can drive to school. I jam out to my current playlist and sing in the car of course! Once I get to school it’s like 7:40 ish and I open discord to talk a little before I go inside at 7:50. I then walk in with my friend and we go to our lockers and get the books we need for our classes. From 8 am to either 1:30 pm or 3 pm, I’m at school. On three days of the week, I have an early release so I go home and usually chill on my phone. I’m usually scrolling through tiktok or chatting in rpf for maybe an hour. Then I usually do any homework I have to do and talk in chat when I get bored of my homework. If there’s an event I’ll pause my homework to hype up chat and get ready for the event and participate. Afterwards is dinner time, so I’ll eat my dinner with my family then continue to do any homework I didn’t finish and then work on some scholarship stuff for college 🙂 Usually by 9 pm, I’m finished doing anything that has to do with school so I talk in chat and see what’s going on and see what’s on tv. If nothings good, I’ll watch Netflix probably haha. At 10 pm, I usually shower and calm down for the night. Sometimes have a snack around then, like cookies, and then at 11 pm I get ready for bed and say goodnight to my family and get in bed. I then look through chat and talk until I get tired (like a hour ish later) and then sleep!

Hopefully you enjoyed this insight to the daily lives of some of your fellow rebels. Stay tuned for our next edition!

-Z3ming, Rebel Broadcast Team Editor

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