Hi Rebels, welcome to another edition of Day In the Life! In this issue, we will be meeting with a current HCOM Second-in-Command, a Brigadier General and a Colonel! Let’s see what they’re currently up to at the moment!

Yvng Baller

My day in the life depends on what time of the year it is. So I will give my current day in the life as of rn on a typical day I have work. I wake up around 9am to the sound of my alarm and get ready for work. Before I get ready for work, I check discord to see if I have anything i need to read, i would read back in staff chats in RPF as well as check other cpa things since I am a CPAB Moderator and a CPA Head Judge. After that I would take a shower in the morning, brush my teeth, do my hair (which is currently an afro with a fade at the moment so it takes a bit LOL) and get dressed. Then afterwards I drive to work and on the way I would stop at Dunkin and get me a iced or cold brew coffee to get me through the day. Then when I arrive to work I see what is going on in the day and start getting my tasks done. I work at DSW at the moment which is a company that sells shoes and I am currently a part time manager so I oversee people and tell them tasks to do throughout the day. My typical work day is from 11 to 5. Once I am done with work I usually grab something to eat and head home to chill for the rest of the day. I would either play some video games or do some homework (i am currently taking summer courses for college/uni to get some more credits) so i would do work for that if I have any. That would usually take a bit, then after I’m done with Homework I would play some video games (typically minecraft) with friends or facetime some friends as well. Also if it’s Tuesday or Friday, I would prepare for the RPF US event as well by making tactics and making sure the event runs smoothly. After all of that I like to end my day watching cartoons like svtfoe, owl house, naruto shippuden, etc (some current ones im watching right now. depending on what i feel like watching, then go to sleep at around 1-2 am. And that is my current Day in the Life :based:


Starting in the morning I wake up at about 5:30 (4:30 if I go to bed late which idk why that happens😂) followed by getting ready for a run which lasts about an hour if I’m in the mood for a arm workout at the end, and then coming back take a shower and get ready for school I usually leave the house at 7am and get to school at 7:20 ten minutes before the bell and that lasts until 2:45 which I get picked up and dropped off at the house and get ready for EU event! and on rpf discord until 6pm and ending of with practice at 6:30 until 7:30 (which is either soccer, softball or track) and then come home eat and sleep, only joking eat and stay up until 12am🤭


Hello, my name is Junie and my day to day life can vary a lot. I dedicate my time to what is healing, happiness and to spread love to the people around me, to the point where I would say this is my lifestyle. I work in a store helping people with trees and gardening, as well as part time as a creative director and a dancer. This past year I got to dance full-time and am quite proud because I managed to take very good care of my health. My family is very spiritual, I grew up in the forest with belief in healing and shamanism. I have had quite the journey learning how to deal with the urban, western modern world, but I find my peace with time. There is a lot of wisdom that inspires me during hard times, but mostly I just value honesty and to stay true. My hope and my compass in all situations is love. RPF has been a place where I get to tune out from the rest of the world and just chat. I joined during corona 2020 and have joined battles during different periods of time ever since. But right now I just hang out! I enjoy:
– Dancing in public
– Spending my extra money on salads and coffee
– Skating around, and surfing
– Talking to strangers

Special thanks to Yvng Baller, Ellabella and Juniesz for sharing their days in a life! Hope you enjoyed reading this installment and see you all soon!

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