Day in the Life – 9th Edition

The Day in the Life column is back with our ninth edition! In this edition, we’ll get an inside look to the daily life of a friendly and recognizable face in chat, one of our Rebel Commanders, and a recently retired officer. Let’s see how they spend their time and what they do outside of their penguin life!


I work 4 days in All weekend and other days I have Free shoping for food + other things and wehn I have time play club penguin vith RPF o have Fun + engoy the time besite the i play Futball each Monday and yes Engoy my Life + play Roblox wehn I Feal that I have nothing o do + watch youtube


Thankfully you asked me this now and not 3 months ago when i did nothing.  So typical day, I currently work as a full time veterinarian so days are pretty busy.  I usually wake up between 7:30-8:00 in the morning.  I live very close to my practice so thankfully no commute and I get to slightly sleep in.  I work 8-9 hours a day depending on my shift.  Some times I get off at 5pm, sometimes I have a big break during lunch and I have to stay until 7.  I usually don’t have too much time in the morning so I try to read back on important things like meeting, check some of my pings.  I don’t have my phone on me during work so I try not to open any dms or pings in case I forget to reply later.  If I have a big break then I catch up with things dms/pings, I see if there’s any jobs I have to get done or anything I have to catch up on like calls or emails etc and read up on my next patients for later.  Besides that I try to relax, check my social media, maybe play a game or two and talk in main chat for a bit, just unwinding before I have to get back to work.  After I’m done with work I just chill again for a little bit just to destress from the day.  How long that will be for really depends on what time I get off work.  And then it’s just making some dinner and meal prep for the next day, shower, maybe watching a show all that.  If we have an EU event I try to get as much done before that as I can so I have time later to just be lazy.  I try to plan RPF into my schedule as best as I can.  I get my schedule around a week in advance so I know if I’ll be able to make AUSIAs those weeks or when I’ll be able to go recruiting or have a chat with my mentees.  I usually do little bits here and there of talking in main chat whenever I’m free and mainly behind the scenes stuff like event planning and just discussing things with the rest of the staff.  EU times and during the weekends is where I’m more free and more able to properly be here and be in chat and it’s very nice cause there’s no work stress.  I’m definitely not able to be in RPF as much as before but having a set schedule really helps to plan ahead.  Anything other than this is misc stuff like if I have to go to town for errands or if I want to go shopping or just eat lunch out during the weekend etc.


As some of you may know, I’m a working adult. Hence my weekdays are mostly full of just work (I work from 9pm EDT to 7am EDT or even later at times) but I do my best to appear in chat around AUSIA hours. Outside of work on the weekdays, I’m trying to focus more on my physical and mental health. Since October last year, I’ve been pretty into spin and recently I’ve been going to the gym to work out some muscles I also enjoy doing some yoga to relax or getting some HIIT done if I have a lack of time. Other sports I’ve been trying recently include badminton (though I’m not that good at it LOL). Over the weekends, I try to catch up on rest or work (only if I really have to) if I’m not out with friends or out for some form of exercise. I’m also pretty into music-related stuff, like joining a local choir, where I attend weekly training sessions. In my spare time, I enjoy finding random piano scores online to sight read and play for the fun of it. If an opportunity arises, I like going for concerts/musicals to soak in the atmosphere while enjoying good music Other than RPF, I’m also involved in a few other Discord servers so I personally find it a challenge at times to juggle IRL and RPF. But RPF was the first server I joined so I always try to find the time to carry out my RPF duties or joining RPF events. ❤️

Hopefully you enjoyed this insight to the daily lives of some fellow rebels. Stay tuned for our next edition!

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