Declaration of War: ACP

With the recent information leak from the Army of Club Penguin, it’s time for us to release our own statement.  For context, the information regarding ACP’s exposure is linked here and here.  ACP’s response post is linked here.  Warning, there’s mature content in all of the above links, but reading them will give you a good idea of what I’m referring to in the later parts of this post.

Having read ACP’s response post, it’s been made very clear that “friendly trash-talking” isn’t what happened in those chats.  In this post, I’ll cover all of the biggest takeaways from the ones above, as well as the course of action that will be taken because of it.

  • CPAM Bias

It’s one thing to complain when things don’t go your way.  We’ve all done it, and we’ll all do it again, I’m sure.  And yes, it’s true that ACP had a hand in building CPAM to begin with, alongside RPF and Help Force. The conversation about “needing someone high up to not get bullied” is nothing out of the ordinary, it’s a feeling everyone’s had in any army community.  However, to have your own staff members admit to being part of a team of CPAM staff with an explicit plan to take us down is a different matter entirely.  

  • Trash-talk

Speaking of which, ACP’s post asks a very important question: “Where does one draw the line between trash-talking, and what is too far?”  I think the answer to this question is somewhere on the other side of personal attacks on our HCOM.  It’s probably also on the other side of raiding our events dressed up as rogues.  Even further still, it’s probably on the other side of calling us corrupt and mentally manipulative towards our members.

“There is a difference between being enemies, and friendly trash-talking in staff chats,” ACP says.  I would agree with this sentiment, but something about seeing an RPF penguin’s head on a sword doesn’t strike me as friendly.  When you’re using our sizes to back up your size inflation, that seems like an issue.  When your chat logs are full of you cursing our army, that seems like an issue.  When you claim we created an entire tournament (one which was initiated by Koloway as the Shamrock Smackdown before being postponed) just to beat you, that also seems like an issue.

  • ACP’s Apology

In general, one line of ACP’s post sums up the whole thing: “I didn’t expect my HCom chat to be leaked.”  The image that ACP presents to the public is very clearly different from the one that they hold in their staff chats.  The issue shouldn’t be the leaking of the channels, it should be the two-faced attitude that ACP holds.  

The post serves as a method of justifying what was found instead of actively making strides to improve.  A history of trolling in no way makes up for racially insensitive or genocidal comments.  “All armies [inflating] their sizes” does not make up for not holding yourself to a higher standard, especially when it’s because “RPF could get away with it.” 

There was no mention of an apology for the reasoning presented or for the scheming against us.  This led us to realize something.  The entire post feels like an apology a child would give for getting their hand caught in the cookie jar; it’s not a matter of actually being sorry, it’s a matter of not wanting to face the consequences.

Here are the consequences.

The Rebel Penguin Federation officially declares war on the Army of Club Penguin.  The terms are as follows:

Term 1: The use of any members enlisted in other armies, be they on alternate accounts or not, will result in forfeit of the war.  This includes any members of other armies dual enlisting from here until the end of the war.

Term 2: Each army is able to schedule up to four invasions at a time, with 24 hour notice.

Term 3: Rooms for battles are to be scheduled ahead of time, with neither army warming up in those rooms or announcing them before the room change times.

Invasion of Mammoth (CPR) – Tuesday, April 28th, 9:00a ET

Invasion of Deep Freeze (CPR) – Tuesday, April 28th, 9:00a ET

Invasion of Mammoth (CPATG) – Tuesday, April 28th, 9:00p ET

Invasion of Beanie (CPR) – Tuesday, April 28th, 9:00p ET

Fight the good fight!

Rebel Penguin Federation HCOM

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