Declaration of War: DCP

Official RPF Statement

In May 2020, the Doritos of Club Penguin declared RPF as enemies, despite not competing in the same league or using the same CPPS as us. RPF continued on, even though DCP leaders made it official; this has not gone unnoticed. DCP has continued to disrespect RPF since then.

Pictured below is DCP’s nation page, May 2020 to July 2020:

Following the enemy announcement, DCP staff have been irreverent to RPF and RPF leaders. Pictured below is a conversation between Wassim, 1.5ic DCP, and RPF leader, Crazzy. This was a group chat between judges, for a battle they had to spectate together:

The rude comments based on the gender of RPF Leader, Crazzy, have not been forgotten. Wassim began to delete comments, and was reluctant to apologize after Crazzy expressed malcontent. This type of behavior is typical in the CPA community towards female leaders, but it doesn’t mean this behavior is acceptable. On top of this, DCP staff have created crude images of RPF, one going back to Legends Cup X. DCP continued to taunt RPF, spectate RPF’s events, and continuously talk down to us. Pictured below are images created by DCP staff portraying RPF:

The images showing DCP vulgarly conquering RPF are quite disturbing, coming from an army that tends to inflate their sizes time after time. Pictured below are a few images of events that DCP claim sizes larger than their actual turn out (note that ACP, LGA, Elites, and other armies have been helping DCP with their sizes, before the official announcement of NDA):

The Elites leader confirmed that they help DCP with their maxes, so even those pictures aren’t authentic to DCP’s real size. RPF reached out to the Elites for a treaty last week, that guaranteed protection and the prevention of invasions with one another, but it was denied:

Around the time of the Legends Cup X tournament, CPAM acknowledged that there were several accounts of armies multilogging. From the Pirates, to WV and rumors of DCP, the guilty parties being held responsible. In DCP main chat you can find Maroon, leader of DCP, joking about mutlilogging against RPF if we outnumbered them. This isn’t too far off, since there were several rumors of DCP multilogging during LCX, and their vivid past of multilogging:

RPF has avoided conflict with DCP despite their constant gaslighting. Nothing stopped DCP as they repeatedly attended our events, and proceeded to disrupt them. Whether it was spamming “DCPOWNS” or trying to recruit during our events, DCP’s behavior surely sent a message to RPF leaders. Here are images of DCP staff and troops interrupting RPF events, and one of their 2ic’s responses to Crazzy’s concern about recruiting at our events:

Coming from an army that has been relying on rogues and other armies for their maxes, it is ironic to see Dino’s response to RPF’s concerns. Moving forward, DCP also tried to get the Ice Warriors to turn their backs on RPF and declare war. IW, who’ve become close allies to us in the past few months, declined the offer to take part in a war against RPF. DCP has been looking to dethrone and diminish everything RPF has built. Pictured below are conversations between DCP and IW leaders:

DCP leaders have reached out to the Rebel Commanders recently, asking for a treaty. That treaty prevents RPF from invading or helping our allies invade DCP’s territories for the next 2.5 months; a possible alliance was also mentioned. RPF has no interest in befriending or civil neutrality with an army that has given us more than enough reasons to declare them as enemies. This is an official statement that the Rebel Penguin Federation is declaring war on the Doritos of Club Penguin and are now our enemies.

As follows are the terms:

  1.  This is a head on war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Doritos of Club Penguin (1v1), no other armies shall intervene in this war.
  2. No Allies/Alliances nor colonies allowed (or any external help whatsoever).
  3. Colonies of either army (and colonies of any other armies either allies, neutrals, enemies) are not allowed in this war, meaning colonies of any army cannot either invade or declare war on RPF until the war is over or a treaty is reached.
  4. No dual enlistment assistance (from any army either allied, neutral or even enemies).
  5. No server transfers (neither army shall send nor receive servers from any other army either allied, neutral, or enemies) after this declaration until the war is finished or a treaty is reached.
  6. No multilogging, doxxing, or ddosing of any sort.
    1. Any evidence of suggested multilogging, botting or dual enlistment/use of allies/an alliance/colonies/armies merged after this declaration will result in an instant defeat of the aggressor in the battles where said evidence would be found.
  7. All battles must be judged.
  8. All invasions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, and the planner of said invasions must notify the defending army’s leaders.
  9. No army can merge into DCP nor RPF after this declaration (until this war is over) and the merger will be deemed invalid. If members of said merged army decide to participate, the battle will result in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor.
  10. Any loopholes found in this treaty abused by either army in their favor (facillitating use of allies, multilogs, any external help or the transfer of servers owned by DCP and their colonies (to or from) any other armies) will cause in the unconditional surrender of the aggressor thus losing the entire war.
  11. The losing army in this conflict must accept the terms of a treaty imposed by the winning side.
  12. No running from this war 😉

DCP’s blatant disrespect to RPF has given us no reason but to take part in this war. This culture of slander, discrediting our achievements, and disdain has not gone unnoticed. Your recent statements of fear are warranted, and now the war you weren’t expecting is ready to begin. RPF will fight until the end, and will emerge victorious. See you at Chinook.

Fight the good fight,

Cosmo, Rebel Commander

Crazzy, Rebel Commander


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