Division Recap


13th January 2020 – 19th January 2020

Hey Rebels,

We are back to give you a synopsis of the week’s events to see our tactics and forms!

—◊ Tuesday ◊—


To welcome our troops into a new week, we held Operation: Ice Princess. We dressed up in our finest figure skater gear and skated around the island.

Max: 23

Avg: 20

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» US «

We held Operation: Grub! for our final event of the day. We logged onto a safechat server and did tactics with only emotes and prewritten phrases. Shiver me timbers!

Max: 45

Avg: 42

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—◊ Wednesday ◊—

» EU «

Operation: Uprising, for our uprising leaders. This special event was lead by our lovely Officers. We wore the RPF uniform doing postitly perfect forms and tactics. Great job to our Troops and Officers! Fight the good fight.

Max: 42

Avg: 40

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—◊ Thursday ◊—

» EU «

For Thursday, we landed onto Marshmallow for our Operation: Defying Gravity! We did some fly tactics and airy formations. Great job Rebels and hope u had fun flying with us today at Rebel Airlines!

Max: 38

Avg: 36

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—◊ Friday ◊—


To kick Friday off, we logged on for Operation: Scarf Search. We performed tactics and forms all over the island while wearing our red scarves – which we finally found in the gift shop! This AUSIA event was extra special as it was our Second-In-Command Redweeb’s last before retirement. Thank you for making it a great event, Rebels!

Max: 25

Avg: 23

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» US «

For our US event, we logged on for Operation: Stampede. We worked as a team to help one another gather all the stamps we needed a group for that CPR had to offer. Great teamwork Rebels!

Max: 55

Avg: 49

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—◊ Saturday


To start off the weekend we logged on for our AUSIA event, Operation: Puffle Roundup. We brought our puffles with us, dressing up in the same colors to match! Great job Rebels!

Max: 32

Avg: 30

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» EU/US «

For our EU event, we logged on for our branch battle Operation: Duel of the Fates with Emcee leading Navy and Pookie leading Air Force! Both sides put forth an amazing fight, but Navy came out victorious!

Max: 51
Avg: 50

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—◊ Sunday ◊—


At our Sunday AUSIA this week, we had Operation: Sardines n’ Seek, where HCOM were hiding from the troops. Great job to those who participated!

Max: 30

Avg: 28

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» EU/US «

For our last event of the week, Rebels logged on Abominable for Operation: Stealthy Sardines. For the first round, HCOM were the seekers and the troops hid. Then for the final round HCOM hid from the troops. What a great way to end a wonderful week full of incredible events. Fight the good fight!

Max: 51

Avg: 51

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—◊ Other recaps ◊—

—◊ This Week’s Maximum Averages and Average Averages ◊—

—◊ Maxes ◊—

AUSIA: 28+(6⇑)

EU: 46+(4)

US: 51+(10)

Average: 42+(7)

—◊ Averages ◊—

AUSIA: 25(4⇑)

EU: 44(3)

US: 48(9)

Total: 39(5)

This was all for last week’s Division Recap, thank you for reading and make sure you keep an eye out for this post again next week!

-Division Recap Team: Cassie, Yammie, Brattybottom, Rocket, Elex, Sharkboii, Milly, and Klein


I joined RF November 25th, 2017! FTGF

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