Federation Frontier: Checkpoint 1


The Rebels have completed all 3 tasks needed to unlock the first checkpoint. Let’s see what the newly opened location on the map has in store for us!


As you set off into the wild west, you take a look around the base camp known as Cowboy Camp. Many depart from here seeking to explore the secrets of the frontier. There are so many adventures ahead that await you and you can’t stop thinking about how to best prepare.

Bringing the right items can help you make smart decisions in the unknown land. You see two packages filled with three different items each. One contains a sturdy rope, a pound of raw steak, and a wooden raft. The other features a different set: a compass that will point you home, a few dried pieces of fish, and a long wooden stick.

Which bundle do you want to bring? Will you bring the rope/steak/raft package, or the compass/fish/stick package? 


To unlock the next checkpoint, the following tasks must be accomplished, and as soon as possible!

– Hit 15 penguins online in an event
– Get 15 Rebels to submit wild west memes in #meme channel
– Get 15 Rebels to wear a signature uniform item with their outfit at an event

Have you finished and contributed to the tasks already? Make sure to DM any PPC member by doing .inrole Party Planning Committee in #bots so your tasks would count!



oh, to be a fluffy cow sitting in the meadow with a sunset backdrop 🌼🐄

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