Federation Frontier: Checkpoint 2

Working together once again, the Rebels have completed another set of 3 tasks and opened a new location!

As you depart from the base, you see the fields around you start to dry up as you embark deeper into the Wild West, farther from the known lands that you had lived all your life. In front of you you see the barren wasteland, but suddenly a river appears. You think about your supplies that you brought from Cowboy Camp which you can use to safely get across.

Using your sturdy rope you tie your supplies to the wooden raft. Sitting comfortably on the raft, you use your flippers to safely paddle across the river. All of your supplies are safely intact without any of them getting soaked in water.

Once safely across the river, you look out into the horizon and see a glimpse of a few buildings, but your stomach is grumbling. You have some steak on hand to fill up your stomach.

What’s your next decision? Are you going to eat some of your steak now and satisfy your hunger or will you go explore the mysterious buildings?


To help us unlock the next checkpoint, make sure to complete the following tasks together:

– Hit 20 penguins online in an event
– Have 20 Rebels submit a custom sheriff star design in #art channel
– Get 20 Rebels to find all the hidden items in the iSpy igloos

Sheriff Star Template

In our town, anyone can be a sheriff! So grab your art supplies and decorate your very own sheriff badge to become one!


iSpy Igloos

I spy with my little eye…something green! Look through these 4 igloos and look for the items listed below. Make sure to DM any PPC member your answers!

– 3 rocking horses
– chess knight
– 8 candles
– candy bucket
– watering can
– green clover
– puffle water feeder
– flower pot
– puffle wilds post
– postcards
-dark brown acoustic sunburst guitar
-gold nugget pieces
-brown bag
-toy train
-bucket of hay




Have you finished and contributed to the tasks already? Make sure to DM any PPC member by doing .inrole Party Planning Committee in #bots so your tasks would count.


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