Federation Frontier: Checkpoint 3

Teamwork is strong among the Rebels this week, for they have once again completed the 3 tasks needed to unlock the next checkpoint. Let’s find out what the new location is!


You were able to cross the river and enjoy your steak before you make it to the ghost town. One deserted building stood out among the few left, the saloon.

The damaged wood exterior and emptiness of the interior gave the saloon an eerie feeling. After walking into the saloon, you hear the door open and 4 miners come inside. They mention how they’ve been searching for an infamous unknown gold mine for a few days, but haven’t found the exact spot quite yet. A gold mine that you’ve only heard stories of but never have actually seen.

You ask one of the miners, “Where is the gold mine at?” He says, “Rumor has it, it is far in the desert beyond the canyons.” After hearing that you want to find it for yourself, another miner gives you a choice where you have to choose one item to help you on your journey.

Make your choice! Will you choose the pickaxe or the snowball launcher?


To unlock the 4th checkpoint, we must work together to complete the following tasks:

– Hit 22 penguins online in an event
– Get 25 Rebels incorporate the word ‘yeehaw’ into their conversations in #saloon
– Get 40 Rebels to vote on an adventure path

Have you finished and contributed to the tasks already? Make sure to DM any PPC member by doing .inrole Party Planning Committee in #bots so your tasks would count!



oh, to be a fluffy cow sitting in the meadow with a sunset backdrop 🌼🐄

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