FIELD-OPS – 26/10/19

Want the most reliable Field-Ops guide for Club Penguin Rewritten? Well, the Rebel Penguin Federation can provide you with the accurate guide with frequent updates for the Field-Ops in CPR!

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For this week’s mission, head on over to the EPF Control Room and go to the computer. Click on continue to begin your Field-Ops Mission.

Next, go to the Book Room and through the staircase leading to Gary’s Secret Lab!

Once you’ve entered the lab, stand to the left of the switch that activates the Sled Maker 3000 to begin the mission!

When your EPF phone buzzes and has a green light, click on it to reveal the Decrypt the Code Minigame!

In this minigame, you’ll need to match the symbol on the right with the correct symbol on the left in a grid. The shapes will be rotating and you’ll need to be quick: you’ve got 5 seconds per puzzle!

Once you’ve decrypted the code, you are awarded with 5 EPF medals which you can use to buy gear in the EPF Shop!

Best of luck!





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