FIELD-OPS – 31/10/2019

Want the most reliable Field-Ops guide for Club Penguin Rewritten? Well, the Rebel Penguin Federation can provide you with the accurate guide with frequent updates for the Field-Ops in CPR!

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For this week’s spooky mission, head on over to the EPF Control Room and go towards the computer. Click on Continue to begin your mission.

Teleport to the Dojo and go towards the marked spot. Your EPF phone will buzz when you’re in the right location.

Click on your phone to begin the Power Up the Chipset mini-game!

Your goal is to fully charge up all of the chipsets without running out of power in the process. You lose some power every time you get zapped, so be careful! You will also need to obtain the key to unlock the pathway to one of the chips and fully complete the game.
There is no time limit for this mini-game, so feel free to take your time and take caution  so you don’t lose all of your power and restart!

Once you’ve completely charged up all 4 chips, you will be rewarded with 5 EPF medals, which you can spend on Elite Gear or save up.

Good luck, Rebels!


she a little confused, but she got the spirit

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