Club Penguin Rewritten – April 2020 Field-Ops 4/9/2020

Attention all EPF agents! Starting today, there is a new Field-Ops mission available!

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Now, let’s begin!

First, head over to the EPF Command Room and go to the Field-Ops computer. Once opened, click Continue to accept the mission.

There seems to be a situation in the Coffee Shop! Head on over there and sit in the top right corner of the shop by the steaming coffee maker on the counter.

You’ll know you’re in the right spot when your EPF phone starts to shake and the top bar turns green!

Click on your EPF phone to launch the Power Up The Chipset! mini-game.

In the instructions, it says to use the starting point to recharge, shows you the batteries to power up, and the zappers to avoid!

You can get hit by a zapper three times before you fail the mission. If you lose some power, use the starting point to regain your power.

Click Engage to begin.

There are different maps, therefore yours might not look the same as the one below. However, the general goal is the same.

Use your arrow keys to move your charger around. Boxed in red are the batteries you need to charge. Also boxed in red is a key you need to grab in order to unlock one of the batteries. Make sure to recharge all of the batteries without getting zapped to complete the Field-Op.

After recharging the fourth battery, you will recieve 15 EPF medals, which you can spend for various Elite Gear.

Tips & Tricks

  • Pay attention to pattern! Each zapper moves the same. They move clockwise: up, right, down, left, repeat. Take your time to follow the pattern so you know just when to move and continue on the paths.

  • Don’t get zapped! When recharging each battery, your charger loses power. Your charger has enough energy to recharge two batteries at once before having to go back to the starting point to refill. If you get zapped, then you will have to take more trips back and forth and the longer this mission will take.

  • Do not lose all of your energy! If you fail the mission, you will have to start over on a whole new map.

Best of luck everyone!

~Raneaosama, Major General


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