Free Vbux hax (2012)

Hey, Rebs

Today I am here with free robux and vbux hax 2022 xdxd.

I’d like to take out some of my time and talk.
As you are aware of the announcement, I am retiring from the Rebel Federation.
Now, I am not retiring because of my schedule. I am retiring because of my mental state, my health, and my studies.

When I first joined the Rebel (Penguin) Federation, I got instantly addicted to it.
At that time my only goal was to get Officer. Now, I am not gonna lie, I had a lot of beef with the officers of that time. I would legit get in fights every day, get muted at least one time a day. One of the first moderators I got into a beef with was Anme, who ultimately became one of my best friends. Though we might not be friends now, we had so many great moments together. Tazy was also one of my best friends *i mean she still is we just don’t talk* . I still remember to this day the first time we got into a beef. Now, I’m not gonna go into details but, it was a start.

I easily climbed through the RPF ranks *as the most toxic troop at that time* without a problem, *UNTIL* I reached Colonel. I had so much confidence in me, that with my activity rating I am bound to get Officer in one or two weeks.
Three weeks had passed, I hadn’t received a single promotion since. I decided to direct message Popsicle who was a rebel commander at the time. I told him that “I did not get promoted, I have been a colonel for three weeks, I attended all my events, I’m active in the chat and I also try to help many as possible then why?”

He answered by saying that we have a logjam at Colonel and can’t promote everyone at once.  Now, me speaking to a Rebel Commander, without another question I said: “Okay, I understand”.

*Six weeks had passed* Not a single promotion happened for me, I was genuinely confused about what I could be doing wrong. I messaged Pop again, and this time I told him that maybe I and Mishka were missed for promotions. He said: “You weren’t missed, there are just a lot of colonels and we can’t promote them all at once”

Then I told him how I and Mishka were older Colonels and that we deserved it more than some people who had gotten Officer that day.

That day he told me that the ownership votes on Officers. And, at that moment I knew what I was doing wrong. In the eyes of ownership, I was just an aggressive brat, I used to pick fights in front of them, and I just knew what I had to do. I had to change a lot. Thankfully, I had Anme with me, with whom I would ask every week “Anme seen any improvements?” And the answer every week was used to be “Yes slightly” (I don’t actually remember the exact words and I can’t search for them either as the old main-chat got deleted).

Eventually, I had lost all hope in ever getting Troop Of the Week or Officer. I was just that forever Colonel. It kinda hurt seeing all of my friends surpassing me.

Weeks passed and I was excited that one particular day, I was going to watch Infinity War. When I got home, I was a bit tired and emotionally unstable after Inifinty war, so I decided not to go on discord that night. In the morning, when I woke up, I had *so* many messages and mentions from RPF. Was legit confused, the first thing I did was check the RPF server, and there I was. Above General, below head general. The troop of the week. It was honestly amazing seeing my self as the troop of the week after so many weeks of trying. I thanked everyone, did my speech, I still remember that day. So, a few days later, promotions happened! Now, as a matter of fact, I did know that the Troop Of the Week always gets a promotion. But, I low-key had that feeling that I haven’t been promoted. But, guess who was wrong? Me. I had been promoted to Brigadier General after 13 weeks.

Honestly, I sat there for a moment thinking about all the times I’ve been a bad example for newer troops or being toxic in general. There were *A LOT*. So, to redeem my self in front of the ownership. I promised to be the best officer that they had ever seen.

Surprisingly when I got owner, I back-searched my name and found out that I was one of the best officers of my time. I felt like I redeemed my self. I was happy. I made a promise to my self that I’ll be the best owner.

Now, I can continue further about my journey but it’s gonna be long and annoying lol.
Now I’d like to thank some special people who made my journey *extra* special:


Night, was my AUSIA leader. I didn’t really know night as I was pretty ignorant during the events and had no idea who was leading what, it was until I got major and then I knew that Night was my divisions’ leader. Well, I did once snapped on Night. Not exactly snapped but I was upset that he didn’t use the pictures I sent him for the event post. Now that just gives you an idea of how bad my attitude was. But, Night isn’t like others, he’s a really chill dude. At that time he could’ve banned me but he didn’t. I apologized to him. So, when I got officer, he personally messaged me and said “Welcome to the AUSIA team” It was honestly so cool, getting personally messaged by my divisions’ leader at that time! I felt like super important at the moment. Ever since then my relationship with Night has been really good, I see him as my big brother. He’s always helping me out and is a great role model. When I told him about my retirement he tried to persuade me into staying! I love you Night, thank you for everything.


Plane is undoubtedly one of the greatest people I’ve met on my R(P)F journey. We started off by having a fight. And yes, that was caused by me. I messaged plane and I was like “You’ll never see me again” pretty emo stuff, I know! But I apologized for that. From there, our friendship actually started, it was progressing slow pace, but it WAS progressing. Now, I think everyone knows about the time where I had to wait 13 weeks to get a promotion from Colonel to Brigadier General, yes it was because of my attitude problems, I had to change. But, I felt like I wasn’t being noticed. But, Plane noticed me, I felt really good! The day when I got TOTW he congratulated me, he told me that if I keep this up, I’ll get moderator in no time. And at that time I actually felt like I was being noticed for ONCE! And when I finally got officer, he was so proud. Plane is my Night and Planes Night is Night. (Hope that makes sense). And with Planes support, I had to be at my best behavior! And I tried my best. I can honestly say it was successful. Plane, thank you so much, for everything you’ve done for me.


Honestly, Lucy has done so much for me, that I feel like even giving her this special thank you isn’t enough. Lucy believed in me during my colonel days, when actually no one would, and in the eyes of others In was just a toxic troop. She always finds the best of me and believe it or not she always manages to get my positive side out. We became such good friends throughout my journey. And, I would like to especially thank her for all she did for me. Thank you best friend, I love you.

Shoutout to a few unbelievably amazing people that I met on my Journey; Weebwad for being the first person to notice me in chat. Taetaer and Pika for the warm welcome. Plane and Night for being awesome mentors. Lucy for being an amazing co-leader and such an amazing best friend. Alex for being a great friend and support through my journey. Cassie for being there for me. Liz and Silv for being awesome companions. All of my Officers, I would love to name all of you but you know me!!!! I love my officers’ team.

I love my troops and I love all of you!
no homo though

Thank you all for today’s awesome events. One of *the* best I ever attended!

When Darkness Falls, We Rise To Fight The Good Fight! This is Bravo Six signing off. Fare thee well, until next time!

~ Cosmo, RF Former Rebel Commander, Director


Hey, if you're reading this, congratulations, you just lost the game


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    Stay forever awesome, and good luck in life <3

  2. We love you Cosmo

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  4. CuriousKitty3000

    We love you cosmo!!! Continue being awesome and good luck in life <3
    We'll miss you!

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