Gary’s Phone Quest Guide – CPJ

Hello Rebels! The Club Penguin Journey team has come out with a new quest for us to complete! With a new hint every Friday you can help Gary mend his Spy Phone. Keep reading on to find the current location!

Week 5

Hint: A room that may have more. Look for this part near a board.

Answer: Sport Shop

Week 4

Hint: Follow the rule of fours. Or was it five? 

Answer: Lodge Attic 

Week 3

Hint: Far away from the lab. Nearby the crabs.

Answer: Underground Pool

Week 2

Hint: A spot that holds some great heat. Below where fire and secrets greet.

Answer: Boiler Room [Inside Boiler]

Week 1

Hint: Gary is in quite the kerfuffle. Look for his part near a puffle.

Answer: Pet Shop

Once you have collected all the phone parts, you’ll be able to gain a spy phone. Once you have this you can use the teleport feature to reach HQ!


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