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There are a couple secret items hidden around the island that not everyone knows about. So I figured I’d make a quick guide to finding the Silver Surfboard, Miners HelmetGreen Hockey Jersey, Green Goalie Gear, and the White Pom-Poms. Read on to find out more:

~ Silver Surfboard ~

The Silver Surfboard is hidden in the Game Upgrade catalogue at the Cove. Click the shopping banner here to bring up the menu:

Open up the catalogue, and then click the A in ‘Waves’ at the top of the screen:

And hey presto, now you can serve Galactus with your very own Silver Surfboard!

~ Miners Helmet ~

This is a pretty essential item, but some people do miss it! Head to the Gold Mine to find your Miners Helmet:

Just run over to the helmet and jackhammer on the wall, and get yourself a Miners Helmet!

Pro Tip: If you equip the Miners Helmet and dance in the Gold Mine, you can sometimes find buried money!

There are three hidden items in the Snow and Sports catalogue.

~ Green Hockey Jersey ~

To find the Green Hockey Jersey, head to the Stadium and open up the Snow and Sports catalogue here:

This secret item is on this page, in the marked box seen below:

And there’s your Green Hockey Jersey! Ice!

~ Green Goalie Gear ~

The Green Goalie Gear is found on the second page, on the lime penguins beak:

And there’s your Green Goalie Gear! Goooaaaall!

~ White Pom-Poms ~

Click the ICE sign on this page to find some fluffy White Pom-Poms:

That’s all for now, but the CPR News team will make sure to keep you updated with new secrets, tips and guides!

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