After three tragic (but not so accidental) deaths, the rest of HCOM decided it was far too dangerous to see each other, as everytime they gathered, someone ended up dead. To get over his grief, Penho decided to spend the day doing his favourite activity; flying his jet pack.

After arriving at the beacon, he checked his jet pack to make sure he had a full tank of fuel. Before taking off, Penho went to the other side of the beacon for a quick look into the telescope to see if he could spot Rockhopper! When he got back to his jet pack, he noticed the strange smell of fuel. That was strange, because he just sealed the tank, but he decided to disregard it and took off on his adventure for the day.

While flying over the forest, far away from any signs of civilization, even though he only left ten minutes ago, he got a low fuel warning! Penho tried to turn around and make it back to the beacon, but it was too late. His parachute failed to open, and he crash landed into a tree! He was stuck high up off the ground, with nothing but his jet pack and his satchel. After realizing the hopelessness of his situation, he decided to write a final note. After he was reported as missing, a search team found him, frozen to death, up in the tree and deep in the wilderness.


Party Planning Committe Department of Health

CPArmies – Tuxedo

Victim: Penho, Third in Command

Location: The body was found in a tree, deep in the club penguin wilderness.

Time of Death: A few hours previous to the body discovery at 9:37pm UTC.

Cause of Death: Hypothermia

Injuries: Bruises, frostbite.

Evidence at Beacon: Jetpack fuel spilled on the floor.

Evidence in the wilderness: Jetpack, failed parachute, note found in Penho’s pocket.

Witnesses: None

Can you decipher Penho‘s note? What kind of a backwards person would do this, anyways?

So you think you know who the killers are?

Be sure to direct message a member of the Party Planning Committee at the end of the week for a chance to win 1000 Rebel Cash for guessing correctly. You can find a list of all of the Party Planning Committee members by typing .inrole Party Planning Committee in #bots-and-potions.

– Z3ming, Lieutenant Detective of the PPC Crime Unit

–Amoji, Head Crime Scene Photographer of the PPC Crime Unit

Shoutout to Koloway for putting together the awesome title gfx and Amoji for the HCOM death gfx!

~Party Planning Committee~

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