Halloween Server Icon Contest

Greetings Rebels!

The contest team and I are excited to announce that today marks the start of another RNM contest!

This is a contest based around art! Rebels will be competing to create the best icon for our discord server! Our top three entries will receive prizes!

Starting Today, you will be given one week to submit an image that you made yourself, and then you will have to wait one week for us to judge your images. The theme for this contest is Halloween! 

You have to be in the RF to submit an entry in this contest. If you are not yet part of RF, click here to join!

The topic “Halloween” can be about anything related to the holiday. You can make it whatever you want, but your submission needs to be clearly related to the RF. Your image must also be 512×512 to be set as the server icon.

In order to enter your submission in the contest you can do either of two things:

  • Submit on Discord: Save your picture onto your computer/laptop/phone and DM your picture to any one of the following people: Weebwad, Queeniealex, Starvsblack2, Wxbp, or Puffl.
  • Submit Here: Upload your image to a photo sharing website such as Imgur or Photobucket and comment on this post with that link. You can also take a screenshot using LightShot and comment here with the link.


1st Place – “Artist” Role + 4,000 Rebel Cash + Submission becomes the new server icon

2nd Place – 2,000 Rebel Cash

3rd Place – 1,000 Rebel Cash

If you have any questions, please DM any member of the contest team (Puffl, Weebwad, Starvsblack2, Queeniealex, or Wxbp)!

Good Luck Rebels!

Puffl, Contest Supervisor

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