Home Alone: Lost in Tuxedo

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!

HCOM is very excited to announce this year’s Christmas party! At least they would be, if they were anywhere to be found. Instead of spending the festive season with RPF members they’ve turned to the dark side, leaving the Rebels to fend for themselves! The flights were booked for the 21st of December and they won’t be back until the 23rd, so time to buckle down and protect the server from the suspicious individuals who appear to be trying to break in.



EU: HCOM vs. Troops roast battle


EU: Troop U-Lead


EU:  BIA joint practice battle and event


Throughout the party there will be a few suspicious individuals attempting to gain access to the server channels, trying to cause chaos. For this reason the Generals are going to be setting some traps around the server to try and catch them out and protect everyone. Once these plans have been foiled the Rebels will get the chance to vote on penalties for these villains using this form to make sure justice is restored! Some of these traps will be hidden around the server, marked with a 🪤, or within .work messages so be sure to keep an eye out!


To adequately protect the server, a checklist has been devised for the Rebels to tick off.

Everyone who completes the checklist will gain the les incompétents role. To find the checklist you can use the .checklist command in the #bots channel! Further details on other items can be found below: Contest, Memory Form, Penalty Form. Make sure to get in touch with a HCOM when your checklist has been updated!

Shop Roles

Alongside the les incompétents role, Rebels will also have the opportunity to purchase the KEVIN! and South Bend Shovel Slayer roles from the .shop in the #bots channel. The roles are only available for a limited time so be sure to get them when you still can!

Best of luck in protecting the server Rebels! Don’t let HCOM get away with what they’re trying to pull!

A special thank you to lance, nma, and gabi for the wonderful server graphics!

Holiday wishes and cheer to you all!





it's my breakdown i get to choose the soundtrack

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